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Xbox One Vs. PS4…. Vs. Wii U?

Xbox One Vs. PS4 Vs. Wii U
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     The Xbox One vs. Playstation 4 debate has been quite hot lately, especially after the explosive displays at E3 this year. Lots of websites and magazines have offered views on the new systems from Microsoft and Sony, but many fail to give the Wii U much credit; more on that later.

     With so much information about the Xbox One and PS4, it can be tough to decide which system to pick at launch. In the following paragraphs, I’ll tell you what I know about the systems so far, and what all this information means to me when it’s compacted into one question: which system should I choose?

     First off: Xbox One. This system has been the talk of many articles over the past few months–for good and bad reasons. I’ll talk less about the specs (since the Xbox One and PS4 are pretty similar in that department unless you really get into it) and more about the features.

     What Comes in the Box: According to the official Xbox Youtube channel, the Xbox One comes with the console, one controller, the Kinect Sensor, the bower cord and brick, an HDMI cable, a headset, the manuals, and a sticker. (Yes, it comes with a sticker). All of this comes at the price of $500

     Some features: The Xbox One has the extensive features of Xbox Live, including games, television, videos, and more. A lot of the Xbox One talk has been about the invasive and very non-consumer-friendly features, such as the inability to trade games, always-on Kinect sensor, and once-a-day check-ins to the internet, all of which have been reversed thanks to a vocal community that protested the policies. Other features include Blu-Ray functionality, SmartGlass and tablet integration, voice activation, and multitasking, thanks to a sort of “tab” system similar to computers that allows programs to run in the background as the player does something else. Additionally, the Xbox One’s Kinect sensor can read mood, and the controller (along with the sensor) knows who is playing at any given time.

     Games and Exclusives: The most notable game for the Xbox One is undoubtedly Titanfall, the winner of many, many E3 awards. As of now, this is a Microsoft exclusive title developed by Respawn Entertainment, which was formed from the remnants of Infinity Ward of Modern Warfare fame. Other exclusives include DeadRising 3, Forza 5, a new Halo game (presumably Halo 5), and more. Other multi-console releases include Watch_Dogs, Battlefield 4, and the newest entry in the blockbuster Call of Duty franchise: Ghosts

     Next Up: Playstation 4. The PS4 was initially the golden console, since Microsoft utterly failed at presenting their system well at E3. With Microsoft going back on many of their policies, the similarities between the two systems have become more numerous. The PS4 still has many features that the Xbox One does not, however, and most notably, comes at a lower price point.

     What Comes in the Box: According to, the Playstation 4 comes packaged as the console, one controller, the HDMI cable, power cable, headset, and a charge cable. All of this comes at the price of $400

     Some Features: The most recent announcement has been that Viacom has reached a deal to bring cable channels to the PS4. What this means specifically is still unknown, but this is quite a leap for the PS4 as an entertainment center. The PS4 controller has an interesting feature: the touchpad, similar to a laptop touchpad. The uses for this are still not completely known, but this will be implemented into games to some extent as a sot of touchscreen, or more likely, the back pad of the Vita. It also eliminates the select button in favor of a “Share” button to upload gameplay and other media to networking sites such as Facebook.  The PS4 also allows you to play games as you download, utilize Remote Play with your PSVita, and integrates phones and tablets through an app, according to their website.

     Games and Exclusives: Exclusives for the Playstation 4 include Killzone Shadowfall, Infamous: Second Son, and DriveClub. Destiny has been stated to include exclusive content on the PS4 that cannot be obtained on Xbox One. Other multi-console games include Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, NBA 2K14, Lego Marvel Super Heroes, and more.

*Please note that this is by no means a complete list of the features of either system*

     There are many important things to note about each system. Obviously, the PS4 is $100 cheaper than Xbox One, but does not come with the Kinect sensor. For me, this is a good thing, as I am on a budget, and Kinect did not prove its worth this generation. If it can do so with the 2.0 sensor, then maybe paying another $100 for it would be justified; at this point, it is not. Also an interesting point: the PS4 does not have a power brick, whereas the Xbox One does. This could be a sign of excessive power draw to the Xbox One. Although it has been stated that the system has a much smarter cooldown and shutdown method under overworked circumstances, it has yet to be seen whether or not the Xbox One can keep overheating in check, unlike its predecessor at launch.

    The Xbox One and PS4 both have converted to subscription services for multiplayer functionality. This was an announcement I was none too happy about at first, but I have warmed up to the thought of having more entertainment and features at my disposal–with the free online service of PS3, I was never motivated to see what the Plus subscription had in store, and likewise, I refrained from purchasing Xbox Live as well.

     As for my opinion, I am definitely going to buy the PS4 before the Xbox One. Although, this decision is not as easy as it used to be; it seemed like a no-brainer with all the talk about the Kinect sensor spying on you, and whatnot. Now, the only real point keeping me from buying the Xbox One instead is the price point; I don’t think the Kinect is necessary, nor is it worth another hundred dollars. Offer a cheaper system without the Kinect, and you’ll see a lot more people people coming your way.

     Call me a Sony fanboy, but I’ve never had any issues with Sony products; they always survive and keep trucking on like beasts. I recieved a PS2 as a gift about ten years ago; a couple years ago, I sold it to a friend. I never had issues in the time I owned it, and he has not yet had any problems with it; it’s been played for hundreds of hours. My PS3 has seen FAR over 300 hours of playtime with not a single issue to date; the same resiliency can be said for my Sony phone. I’ve dropped it many times, and it still keeps going. These things are tough; I can count on Sony to come through once more.

     But what about the Wii U? It’s a full $100 cheaper than the PS4 and Two hundred dollars cheaper than the Xbox One. What stops people from buying this? With such an innovative controller and free online service, doesn’t it have what we want in a system: innovation, price value, and free multiplayer? What’s holding us back? In short, the same problem that plagued the Wii. However, I think Nintendo’s luck will turn around at Christmastime, and they’ll be a serious competitor.

     The Wii U has nearly no third party support, much like its predecessor. In fact, it has nearly no games at all. Why would I buy a system to have such a small selection of games to play, especially since the most popular third party titles are excluded? That is exactly why the Wii U is floundering, not to mention the fact that initially, people had no idea whether it was a new controller, console upgrade, or a new console all together. I’ve heard stories of people buying Wii U games for their Wii since they didn’t know the difference!

     With that being said, their luck will change. The 3DS had a similar issue, but now, with lots of games such as Mario titles, Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, and the upcoming Pokemon X and Y releases, it’s selling like crazy. Similarly, the Wii U has a ton of great games coming out this year and next year, which will drive console sales up, which will in turn drive third party support up. Pikmin 3 was just released, and many games are around the corner. These include Bayonetta 2, Smash Bros., Wonderful 101, Mario Kart 8, and Super Mario 3D world. It makes me wish I had a Wii U, however, I have no reason to buy one…yet; just like everyone else.

     I think the Wii U will come out of nowhere and give the Xbox One and PS4 a run for their money. Maybe not a huge one, but it’ll be a competitor.

     What do you think? Leave a comment below about the system you choose, and your predictions on the Wii U/PS4/Xbox One race!

     Oh, and if you would, considering dropping a friend of mine a view or two. He plays some Skyrim, Jak, and more; like me, he’s trying to build a fanbase. If you could help us out, or you like what you see, consider sharing the link to my blog or his YouTube channel; we would appreciate it more than you know. A view here and a view there makes all the difference. Thanks!

     Matt Shiflet

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4 thoughts on “Xbox One Vs. PS4…. Vs. Wii U?”

  1. I don’t think the Wii U needs to compete with the Sony or Microsoft. As long it keeps getting quality Nintendo Titles I think it’ll be ok. No one expected the Wii to outsell both console but it did and it didn’t even had hd.

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