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PS4 and Xbox One Release Dates

So, over the past couple of weeks, we’ve gotten news on the release dates of the Xbox one and PS4. The Xbox One will release worldwide on Friday, November 22. The PS4 hits American shelves on Friday, November 15. It will release to the rest of the world two weeks later, on Friday, November 29. How will this affect Microsoft and Sony in the race to make it to consumers’ living rooms? Here’s what I think:

I think that the first to hit the market will have an advantage; in this case, Sony has the advantage in America, but Microsoft has the upper hand in the rest of the world. Think of it this way; most people have already decided whether or not they want the PS4 over the Xbox One, or vice versa. For those who are on the fence, price will be a major point, along with availability. If a consumer goes to the store and sees a PS4 on the shelf ($400), then comes to find out that the next big release will be next week (Xbox One), for another hundred dollars, why would they want to wait? Remember, this is the consumer who is still on the fence; they’re not up to date on the latest news and features of each system. For these consumers, price will be important, especially around the holidays.

Think of this; many purchases will be for Christmas presents. Mid-November is primetime for Christmas shopping, especially for pricey purchases. Many expensive gift purchases are made by grandparents, or grandparent/parent combos. Does a grandma know or care that the Xbox One has cloud servers and Skype calling? No. She’s going to see that the PS4 is on the shelf, the Xbox One isn’t, and the PS4 is $100 cheaper than the Xbox One will be; she has no need to wait. See what I mean?

Likewise, the rest of the world will get the Xbox One first, which will be good for Microsoft. However, other regions don’t spend as much on video games yearly as Americans do. Can they depend on early, first-week worldwide sales to supplement what they might not get in America? This will remain to be seen.

Brace yourself: consoles are coming. (So is winter, come to think of it.)

Any thoughts? Who’s going to “win” during this Christmas season? Comment below! Leave a like or follow (please), and check out the Let’s Play channels in the “Links” tab (please).

Later; It’s Game Time!

Matt Shiflet

EDIT: I realized something else; both systems will be on the market for Black Friday and cyber Monday. This, undoubtedly, will be extremely important for both companies. At this point, both systems will probably sell out in many locations. Therefore, the “winner” may also benefit from larger production numbers; if Sony produced more PS4s than Microsoft produces Xbox Ones, then Sony will have a huge upper hand on Black Friday. The same will go for the flipside, in the case that Microsoft produces more Xbox Ones than Sony’s PS4s.


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