The Liebster Award


So, the Liebster Award is a pretty nifty little award. It’s a community-based nomination that has a trickle down effect. If you receive the award, you have to nominate your favorite 11 blogs, and each one of those blogs has to nominate 11, etc. It’s a nice little “feel-good” award, especially for small bloggers like me; I mean, who doesn’t loved getting noticed/awarded?

If you haven’t caught my drift, I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award, and it’s pretty cool! Thanks to Vitosal for nominating me. I’ve only been connected to you on WordPress for three or four days now, but it’s awesome to see your blog posts and comment on them, and I guess you enjoy commenting on mine as well, hence the nomination. I look forward to what you’ll be writing in the future, and thanks for the chance to send this down the line to my favorite bloggers!

The thing about the Liebster Award is that you have to follow a checklist upon accepting the award. This list is as follows:

  1. Post the Liebster Award graphic on your site.
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated your blog.
  3. Answer the 11 questions from the post of the person (or persons) who nominated you.
  4. The nominee will nominate 11 other blogs.
  5. The nominee will then create 11 questions of their own for their nominated bloggers to answer in their Liebster post.

1 and 2: done. On to number three: I now have to answer the three questions posed by Vitosal when he nominated me and 10 other bloggers.

1.  What Video Game would you most like to see get made into a successful movie?

Halo. Halo all the way. I LOVE the Forward Unto Dawn series and the Halo Legends minis, bu they can’t compare to a big-budget Halo movie. Someday…

2.  If a zombie apocalypse occurred what type of character do you think you  would be? (soldier, strategist, etc, etc)

The apocalypse would give me the golden opportunity to go ballistic; I’d go out with a bang.

3.  Do you think The Last Guardian will ever come out and why?

Hehe. One of these days. Maybe. Like the Tootsie Pop question, “the world may never know.”

4.  Do you believe in censorship for games?

That depends; are you talking just speech and vulgarity? I don’t think it should be totally censored, but maybe “monitored” is a better term.

5.  Would you sell your console, if you had nothing else to sell to help starving kids?

You’re guilt tripping me, and I don’t like it! If I say I wouldn’t give it up, I’ll look heartless, but if I say I’d give it up, I might be lying. I guess the answer would be “no” simply because if I’m so broke and poor that I have absolutely nothing else to sell to help them, I’m going to hold on to the one last bit of happiness I have. Besides that, if I’m that poor, I have to find a way to feed myself first! You set yourself up to fail on that one 😉

6.  If you’re preferred console doomed itself would you move to the opposition?

Absolutely! I’m sort of a Sony Fanboy, but that’s because they have never let me down, whether it’s a phone, game system, TV, sound system, or music player. If they mess it up with the PS4, however, I’ll sell it and buy an Xbox One. With that being said, I CANNOT see that happening. But hypothetically, yes, I would switch. I’ve got to get the best experience, possible, brand name aside.

7.  Who has more money, Bat-Man or Iron-Man?

I’m not big into comics or movies, but I would say that Batman probably has more money. Why? Iron Man flaunts it, but Batman’s money is probably sitting in a bank somewhere collection $10 million in interest a year.

8.  How do you feel about a characters race being changed for a film adaption and why?

Again, I don’t watch a bunch of movies, so I haven’t had an instance where this has happened to me. However, I think I would be pretty upset. I’m not a racist at all (I’m a mixed race teen in a 95% white community; I’ve dealt with racism) but there are just some things you don’t change, especially considering there are about a million actors out there. It’s not like “oops, we couldn’t find one that fit the bill.” For example, I’m a huge Hunger Games fan. If Katniss were a Hispanic or Oriental character in the film, for example (solely an example; not racial profiling here) I’d be pretty steamed. You don’t mess with a character; you’ve got a multi-million dollar budget; cast the right character and STICK WITH THE BOOK! I hate it when the movie is different than a book. I’m gonna shut up now before I get off topic…

9.  Are you a Templar or an Assassin and why?

ACIII made me rethink that a bit, but I still think the Assassin’s are the way to go. They stand for things I believe in, as opposed to the Templars.

10.  Do you think Duke Nukem will ever make a decent come back?

Based on the huge flop that was Duke Nukem Forever, probably not. The series is probably now a huge pile of poo that nobody wants to touch.

11.  Are you following Gamers Therapy?  (If no, explain why) :-)

Yes, yes I am 🙂

Step 4: nominate 11 more blogs. Well, I would nominate you, Vitosal, but I don’t think I can do that… either way, I don’t have 11 blogs to nominate, as I’m still new to the WordPress space. Therefore, since I don’t read or follow 11 blogs, I’ll nominate the four blogs I do follow and consistently read (not including Vitosal, who I do follow as well).

The Disaffected GamerThe High School Gamer
Ray Ferrer-Emotion On Canvas
John On WordPress

Step 5: 11 questions to ask them. Here we go!
1: Favorite Video Game?
2: If you had to choose between playing only COD or only Pokemon forever, what would it be, and why?
3: Favorite Song (at the moment)?
4: If you had to choose between eating only seafood or only fruits for the rest of your life, which would it be (not from a nutritional standpoint)?
5: What is the first system you can remember playing on?
6: Abe Lincoln or George Washington?
7: Do you prefer history or science?
8: If you were arrested, who would you use your one phone call on?
9: What is your favorite pet, and why? (if you’ve ever had one)
10: Are you a Gamer?
11: Why do you blog?

Well, that’s that! It was fun, and I’m pretty excited to see what everyone else writes!
Matt Shiflet


3 thoughts on “The Liebster Award”

  1. nicely done bud. 🙂 Nice diversion on question 5, lol. I’m very curious to to know what everybody else would do. Kudo’s I really enjoyed writing those questions, and thanks for following the tradition.

  2. I’m still kind of broken over the reality of Path of Exile’s current state and my own foolishness. I’ll need a few days to come to terms with that and talk some things over with my girlfriend before writing a post about the Liebster Award and, if I forget, don’t hesitate to poke me.

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