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Price Drops Coming For Current Generation Systems

Well, we’re finally here, guys. Within less than two months, next-gen systems will be released and spread across the globe, ushering in a new age in gaming as we know it. For me, it’s a bit amazing to think that it’s happening; it seems like just yesterday that I was flipping through the Game Informer magazines that showcased new details on each system. With all the hype coming to a head next month, we can’t forget about the current generation systems; there’s still a lot of life left in them. Microsoft and Sony are keeping these systems relevant, and third-party retailers like Gamestop are as well; price cuts are on the way.

Let’s start off with Sony. For an inexpensive PS3, the frugal gamer has two options: the Slim and the Super Slim. The Slim model runs about $200, but for that price, it only includes a 12GB hard drive. The Super Slim is even smaller and quieter than the Slim, but at a bit higher price: it costs $250, but comes with a 250GB hard drive in return.  The PS3 was always the more expensive of between itself and the 360, but $200 is reasonable, in my opinion. This is quite a feat, especially considering the initial outrageous $500+ price tag, depending on the hard drive size at launch.

Of course, there are other bundles that can be bought, and these are generally a good idea; a much better value than simply buying the system, considering you’ll need a game to go with it anyway. For example, a Blue 250GB Super Slim + the Jak and Daxter Collection (a $20 value on its own) costs $250 at Gamestop. For $20 more, you can swap out the 250GB hard drive for a 500GB, and nab GTA V ($60 on its own) instead of Jak and Daxter; it seems like a no brainer to me, even if this deal includes a black system rather than a blue one.

Next up is Microsoft. Yesterday, it was announced that Microsoft would be selling three new bundles this holiday season, and although the price point has not been released yet, they’re shaping up to be great deals. The bundles are as follows:

250 GB system bundle that includes a Kinect device, Kinect Sports: Season Two, Kinect Adventures and Forza Horizon, as well as one month of Xbox Live Gold

4 GB system that includes a Kinect device, Kinect Sports: Season Two and Kinect Adventures, along with a month of Xbox Live Gold.

250 GB Holiday Value Bundle that includes Halo 4 and Tomb Raider, along with a month of Xbox Live Gold (Prima Games)

The kicker? From Mid-October to the beginning of January, these bundles will be at a price $50 cheaper than they will usually be. Considering that Halo 4 and Tomb Raider are among my favorite titles this console generation, I would definitely recommend this bundle if you don’t already have a 360.

Considering the fact that these bundles all include at least two games, a free month of Xbox Live, and the $50 price cut from their yet unspecified regular price, these bundles are going to be steals. The best value will probably be the second system; it has the smallest hard drive and the least expensive games. This will be the budget system for holiday shoppers, and will give Microsoft a final push before the questionable waters they might be traveling next generation; that remains to be seen.

Finally, Gamestop is offering pre-owned deals of their own. For $100, you can get a pre-owned original model Xbox 360; this is the model I have, and although they run the risk of RROD, I’ve never had an issue with mine, and the backwards compatibility with original Xbox games is a must; I have to be able to play my copy of Halo: CE. For $20 more, you can get a pre-owned Slim model, 4GB Xbox 360. Finally, for any pre-owned PS3, you’ll only pay $150. Finally, for all of these pre-owned systems, a pre-owned game of your choice comes for free, as long as its value is $20 or less.

As you can see, these are steep savings compared to the new bundles, and if there’s any time to buy a current-gen console, it’s now. Classic titles such as Halo 3, Assassin’s Creed, Uncharted, and more can be found in the bargain bins for under $10 apiece; there really is no better time to buy than now, although it sounds like a generic marketing pitch. These games are probably nearly as cheap now as they’ll ever be. You might save a few more bucks by waiting a few more months, but these savings won’t be enough to justify waiting any longer, if things depreciate the way I think they will.

Do you think you’ll be picking one of these consoles up this year, or are you waiting for the next-gen releases? Maybe you answer negatively to both of those; maybe you’ve already got a PS3 and a 360, and a backlog of games for both. Either way, it’s a great time to be a gamer.

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13 thoughts on “Price Drops Coming For Current Generation Systems”

  1. For my part I’m interested in neither the current generation or the upcoming generation. Microsoft’s consoles were never in the equation and I highly doubt they ever will be, but Sony’s consoles (mobile and traditional) were extreme disappointments. Looking at my Backloggery, I have 19 PS3 games, 52 PS2 games and 24 PS games. That doesn’t include the Guitar Hero games (III, World Tour, Metallica, Van Halen, V) I enjoyed rocking until Activision fucked something up with the store that in turn fucked something up with the games, I removed those games from the my Backloggery since they were no longer playable for me.

    The only games that I am unquestionably glad I played on the PS3 are Alice: Madness Returns, Dante’s Inferno, Dark Souls, Demon’s Souls, Guitar Hero: Metallica and Splatterhouse. That’s only 6 games for a console that was around $250. That doesn’t seem to me to be worthwhile and, looking at it that way, my girlfriend and I decided we would not be getting the PS4 until there were at least 10 games out that we unquestionably wanted to play.

    The current generation of console games really messed with me. I came from a generation where video games had minimal issues because they needed to have minimal issues, now there are Day One patches. I came from a generation where video games were complete on release, now there is so much DLC and DLC that we know is being worked on at the same time work is going on with the game. (Remember how no one really blinked about Borderlands 2 Mechnomancer class and the issues surrounding that?) I came from a generation where video game libraries were respected, now video games are legitimately treated as consumable material instead of games -my Sony library is effectively 19 (PS3) and 76 (PS2/PS) because of the enforced split and it will remain this way. Truth be told, I’m not terribly interested in console gaming anymore and that’s probably why I’ve had great difficulty sitting down to play Silent Hill.

    PC gaming is what I find to be most compelling now and outside of the Cult of Valve. Most of my games have been purchased through GoG or retail boxes and I’ve been pleased with them. Unlike Valve who clearly do not vet their games (The War Z, Sacred 2, et al.), GoG actually tests their games and makes sure that they work for the each OS that is listed. A solid example is Apogee’s Stargunner, a game that came out in 1996 and works fantastically on Win7-64x. The kicker here is that it doesn’t have the latest patch and GoG’s reasoning for this is that it actually breaks the game part of the way through, so they decided not to use that particular version: this means GoG staff actually played the game far enough to notice that. Ultimately, I don’t have to worry about issues of backward compatibility because GoG has my back.

    I have 89 PC games listed on my Backloggery and that doesn’t count the number that I’ve purchased over the last few months and haven’t listed or the RPGs I haven’t included in order to not break my brain when I look at it. When I was in high school in the late 1990s, PC gaming hit the point where graphics were getting really intense compared to where they’ve been and the need for strong GPUs was necessary for PC gaming. It was also not very cost-effective for someone who didn’t know how to build PCs, something that helped the popularity of consoles. But now things are very different and in a lot of ways. I don’t consider myself a PC gamer, I don’t think that PC is inherently better than consoles, I just find that gaming on a PC is better suited to me as a gamer.

  2. I don’t have a large selection of games for either system, as up until this summer, I hadn’t had a job to fund my passion for gaming; this is definitely changing though, and I’m going to have plenty to play on my PS4. Not to mention, when I was younger and stupid, I thought trading all my games to Gamestop was the BEST idea ever. Now, I look back and wondered why my mom let me trade in Pokemon silver for a buck and change. In any case, I’m quite interested in console gaming, and I think Sony suits me better than Microsoft or a PC; to each their own, however!

  3. After reading your article i was tempted to search my town for a 360, then you mentioned the RROD and i remembered a lot of people complaining about it. So it will just be the PS4 🙂 I love my Playstation. So many great games on the PS3! Catch you in the new world…

      1. Not that I’ve played all of them, but here’s a short list that I can think of off the top of my head:
        Halo (FPS)
        Gears of War (FPS)
        Fable (RPG?)
        Forza (Racing)

      2. 3rd person action adventure, needs to be modern in a way (I get bored with games like Fable), excellent story line, maybe some character development…

      3. not necessarily, i prefer 3rd person games, but i totally love 1st person shooters as long as the story is good and it get’s me invested in the game. It all depends on how good the story and characters are…any exclusives like that on Xbox besides Fable?

      4. I love Halo, and it’s an FPS for the Xbox, but as far as storyline goes, it can be a bit confusing, and the character development isn’t super in depth unless you read the books. I wouldn’t recommend buying a 360 just for the Halo games, because you probably would irrationally fall in love with that as I have.

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