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Let’s Play Slender: I’m Going To Die

Here is my first playthrough of Slender. I want to start by apologizing; I’m using a free trial of a recording software, and I’m not quite familiar with the program yet. Because I’m playing Slender, there are times in the video when it becomes pitch black; what you’re seeing is pretty much the same as what I’m seeing, and it was quite scary.

I’m not going to do a full out review of Slender, complete with a score, but I’m going to do a quick overview. The game is scary, first and foremost. I hate beings spooked, and Slender spooked me plenty in this playthrough and in the next one that I didn’t record. The static sound is frightening, but not enough to freak me out. I did, however, have a spike in my heartrate and my hands got clammy when I heard the sound. It was anticipation; I knew Slenderman was near. The scariest part is when I turn around and see Slenderman himself right behind me.

I don’t know what makes him so scary! He has no face, so that doesn’t help, but aside from that, he’s not particularly gruesome, he doesn’t make scary sounds, and he doesn’t really move either. In any case, he scares the crap out of me. As far as horror goes, the game does a good job. There’s not really a storyline, as far as I can discern, but I do enjoy the challenge that it presents you with. The point of Slender is to collect all 8 pages without being caught by Slenderman. I collected 4 on my first try, and I’m actually determined to try a few more times and see if I can get all 8, or at least 6.

I like that the game is difficult, but not in a way that makes one feel like a failure when you lose. It doesn’t take a particular skill set, but it takes luck, determination, and a few repetitions. One thing that Slender does to mix things up a bit is it switches the locations of the papers. On my second playthrough, there was a paper on the first tree I saw in the middle of the road; not so in the recording, however.

All in all, Slender is a solid game, though short, and I appreciate that because it can actually run on my computer. It’s scary, challenging, and somehow, mysteriously enjoyable; I actually (kind of) look forward to trying again. It’s a free download; just look up “Slender” in your search engine and download the 62MB file to play. I recommend this game to all, as it is bound to go down in history as a classic of sorts.

Let me know below if you’ve ever played and how many pages you’ve collected as a high score. Leave a like or a follow if you enjoyed my crappy video, and thanks for reading and watching!

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