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Wii Mini Arrives In America for the Holidays

The Wii Mini will release in America this month for $100. I find this to be a strange move for many reasons, but I’m not sure if this is a good or bad move for Nintendo. I can’t quite discern yet, but here’s what I can tell you:

The Wii Mini will ship with a copy of Mario Kart, but for $100, there’s a huge caveat: there is no online play. Granted, Nintendo had the weakest online presence this generation, but this makes it impossible to play games like the aforementioned Mario Kart, Black Ops, and Smash Bros. with others over Wi-Fi. Let’s be honest here; you can buy a used Wii for $50 at Gamestop that has online capabilities, so why buy this one for $100, even if it is new and shiny? Furthermore, it doesn’t even play Gamecube games…

On the other hand, if this does sell well, original Wii game sales might rise, and this would help get rid of games on the shelves. Even though this would mean money for Nintendo, I still wonder if they would make more money on Wii U sales if their Wii option was gone entirely.

I’ll be honest, I have no idea how this one will play out over the Holiday season, but it’ll probably be a make or break situation for Nintendo’s home console presence.

That’s it for now; just keeping you updated on the latest news.


6 thoughts on “Wii Mini Arrives In America for the Holidays”

      1. Well; it’s true! I mean, nowadays, most people with a console are connected to the internet one way or another. Aside from the minority, including toddlers like your own! Haha

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