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Top 5 Halo Easter Eggs

This is an article that I’ve been wanting to write for some time now, but I’ve never gotten around to it. I’ve mentioned before that Bungie does a great job at bringing humor to the Halo games. There’s hilarious dialogue, funny moments, and great cutscenes. One thing that Bungie is known for in the Halo series is the insane amount of Easter Eggs to be found in the games. These hidden jokes come in the form of unlockable dialogue, alternate cutscenes, pictures, images, signs, and texts, encompassing everything from McDonald’s logos to Red vs. Blue references. It was really hard to pick my top five, but here are my favorite Halo Easter Eggs, in no particular order.

1: Peeing Brute/Urinating Jiralhanae

Yes, it’s exactly what it looks like. There’s one level in Halo 3 where you enter a room full of sleeping Grunts and a couple of Brutes on guard. Depending on the difficulty you’re playing on, it is sometimes possible to sneak up to a Brute, and you’ll see him peeing. There’s no actual liquid, but you’ll see him taking aim, then eventually not caring where he’s aiming and simply enjoying himself. Then, he zips up his pants (er… armor?) and turns around to see the bewildered look on your face. Or at least that’s how I probably would have looked if I were Master Chief. See for yourself in the video above. It’s bizarre, off the wall, weird things like this that make me love Bungie. Even weirder is the fact that Bungie developed multiple different animations for this one Easter Egg; the Brute pees differently depending on his rank, which depends on which difficulty the game is played on and which skulls are activated. Bungie spent way too much time on this.

2: Computer Malfunctions/Blue Screen

Maybe you’ve experienced a blue screen of death with your computer; I haven’t. If you have, it’s probably not a good thing. Most likely, it strikes fear into your heart. Not so with the blue screens in Halo 3 and one multiplayer map of Halo 2. I love this Easter Egg so much because of the appropriate irony and satire of the text on the screen. “Scream at top of lungs and pound on keypad.” After all, isn’t that how most of us feel when our technology isn’t working or we need to call customer service? Yes, Bungie, you know me all too well. Unlike some of the Easter Eggs on this list, I actually found this one without any help from an online forum; I happened to stumble upon it myself once in Halo 2. There’s one map where you can press a button to open a gate. I clicked it and looked down at the computer screen and nearly died laughing; maybe it was so funny because it was the first Easter Egg I had ever found on my own. Either way, I love it!

3: Password-Lacking Marine

This is another Easter Egg that depends on the difficulty. Again, Bungie went through a lot of trouble to make this possible. In one level of Halo 3, there is a spot where you can come across a Marine trying to get into the armory, but he doesn’t know the password. The dialogue is different depending on the difficulty, which gives you a reason to play through the level multiple times. Even better, all 3 dialogues are voiced by members of the Red vs. Blue/Rooster Teeth crew. I don’t actually watch the RvB series, but I think it’s awesome that Bungie takes note of the community. They realize that an involved community makes their games better, and the fact that they even included fan-film actors from a non-canon production in their game is even sweeter.

4. Final Grunt

There are a few “special dialogue Grunts” in the Halo series. It was tough for me to pick which one to include, especially between this one and the Thirsty Grunt from Halo:CE, (look it up if you want) but in the end, I sided with this one. Finding this Grunt and listening to his dialogue results in your own death, but it’s so worth it. On the final level of Halo 3, you’re tasked with driving your Warthog through an exploding construct in hopes of making it to your ship before it all is destroyed. On the last leg of your journey, you’ll see a large rock. If you stop the rock, get out of the vehicle, and walk down the narrow path, you’ll see a lonely Grunt; the last one you’ll encounter in the entire game. Walking up to him triggers some dialogue that I find to be hysterical. All in one bit of dialogue, the Grunt brings up Master Chief’s unfortunate childhood, references an important Brute weapon, (Fist of Rukt; explanation at end of article) and even rips off the sitcom Seinfeld. Bungie, you’ve done it again! Skip to about 0:53 to hear the dialogue.

5: Destiny Teaser

This may be the ultimate prank; the best one Bungie’s ever pulled. Way back in 2009, Halo 3: ODST was released. All over the city in that game were posters and signs similar to the one above. I came across dozens, more likely hundreds of these posters, and to a person playing the game in 2009, they meant absolutely nothing. They looked like ads, maybe a company slogan, a movie title, etc. Then, fast-forward to August of 2011, where a documentary on Bungie showed some Destiny screenshots, but nobody really knew much about what these screenshots were. It wasn’t until mid/late 2012 that real details on Destiny were leaked, and people realized that these pictures in ODST weren’t just pictures. They actually teased this now highly anticipated title a full three years before more info was leaked; Destiny wasn’t even formally announced until this year, nearly three and a half years after ODST!

For those wondering, in the photo above, the picture is of an orb hovering close to Earth, and the slogan “Destiny Awaits” appears. Obviously, the slogan is now a dead giveaway, but the picture and strange triangular logo are also teases. The orb being so close to Earth symbolizes the major plot point (that we know of) for Destiny, and the triangular logo eventually became the modern Destiny logo. Below are a couple more pictures; these are more recent photos of Destiny. All along, Bungie fooled us and it took years for us to even realize it. I need to hire these guys for an April Fool’s Day joke!

That’s all I’ve got for now. I may write a second article for the honorable mentions; there are a bunch of other great Easter Eggs that didn’t make their way onto this small list! Let me know your favorite in the comments below and leave a like or follow if you’ve enjoyed. Consider checking out the LP channels in the “Links” tab, and have a great day.

Destiny Awaits 🙂

(The Fist of Rukt is the name of the Gravity Hammer wielded by the Brute Chieftain in Halo 2. This Gravity Hammer was passed down through the generations until Tartarus, the Chieftain in Halo 2, fights Master Chief with it in a quite difficult boss battle. For the Final Grunt to claim to have the Fist of Rukt… well, let’s just say that isn’t happening.)


7 thoughts on “Top 5 Halo Easter Eggs”

  1. Alright, I’m not the only one that got that e-mail dudebro. What in the FUCK is wrong with Battlefield 4, why do you think it was able to be released in that state and what do you think is going to happen? Make that post happen (the e-mail only had an excerpt), it’s important.

      1. Good.

        When I experienced my first set of serious bugs in Guild Wars in 2008 it really changed things for me, changed the way I look at video games and played a large roll in me shifting from merely a video game player to a gamer. It was at that point -and I’m not sure why it never happened before- that a switch in my brain turned over and said ‘it’s not alright for things I pay for to be fundamentally flawed in some real way, it’s just not.’ Years later I would write ‘A Heavy, Uncomfortable Truth’ and find some impetus in that experience and the experience of being a gamer in a climate where debilitating bugs are something people are conditioned to believe are features or unimportant.

        I seem to be in an extremely small group who believe that no matter what we call video games, whether art or mere entertainment, there is no good reason to accept poor work. We’re taught in school that it just won’t fly in the purported real world…

        And there I go again with this issue. Do a good job with the post, explore your thoughts carefully and clearly and don’t be afraid of being harsh if it’s necessary.

      2. If the game is in a state that is legitimately unplayable then I can understand your anger.

        I bought my girlfriend the collector’s edition of Skyrim for the PS3 a few years back. I also bought her Saints Row: the Third.

        The former saw her game freezing and erasing progression, forcing her to constantly pull herself out of the game to manually save and not touch anything that wasn’t an enemy for fear of creating a bigger data file. After 100 hours of frustration she had to stop playing and she was in tears.

        The latter saw a much-loved franchise (she only loved Tomb Raider more) utterly break down. Within 20 hours she had effectively cleared 100% of the game and, through progression unlocks, had infinite ammo on her weapons and could ONLY be damage by hand-to-hand combat. That’s right: jumping off buildings, being run over, shotgun blasts, explosions, nothing could hurt her except a punch to the face and she couldn’t turn it off…she couldn’t turn off what was effectively God Mode. And she didn’t want to play a game that was at once void of content (recall THQs promises of all that DLC and wonder at what should have been in the game) and remarkably vapid. Again, she was in tears.

        For the past two years she’s struggled with wanting to play video games. Her beloved hobby, something she’s enjoyed since she played Golden Axe as a small child on the Sega Genesis, has gone so far downhill she can’t even lie to herself any more. And it crushes her each and every day.

        Please do your best to draw out the implications of these issues, both conceptual and mechanical, to enjoying play. The last thing this industry needs, on either side of the game, is people who won’t be critical and direct…that’s how we got here.

      3. As of right now, the glitches all pertain to the online play (that I’ve found) and it’s bad. REALLY bad.

        It’s a shame that gaming is being ruined for your girlfriend. I actually had mentioned this exact sort of thing before I read this comment (although I’m updating the article now, as it wasn’t finished when I accidentally posted it) so don’t think I just stole from what you wrote here; we’re on the same page. I am seeing more games being unplayable and I’m personally starting to wonder how much longer gaming will even be worth it. When it puts a person in tears to see a series destroyed… let’s just say, I can’t imagine what I would be/do if Halo were ruined for me.

      4. “…so don’t think I just stole from what you wrote here[.]”

        I don’t think that you, of all people, would be stealing anyone’s ideas. Don’t even let that get into your head. When it comes to solid ideas, not just things merely being said, and I’m sure you know what I mean here, proper citation is the key. If there is ever a time where I give you an idea I’d like you to feel free to run with it.

        Sometimes I think that gaming isn’t worth it, I honestly do, but then I look at what else I could do with my time. As someone with a criminal record and a graduate degree I’m in a really interesting situation, I have the education and wherewithal to do a plethora of things but a combination of the economy in the US and my record make it so some companies will outright refuse to let me apply -and were talking loading boxes into trucks here. When I can afford it I’m going to look into getting my record expunged but until then I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that I am not allowed to be a ‘productive member of society’, viz. have a life. I have my poetry and I always will, that’s the little bit that I can do to give back to the world and if you have any inclination I’d recommend reading it, but I also have video games.

        All things considered, I’m able to do so much to make my life bearable and even enjoyable because of video games. The so-called Indie Revolution brought about games like Amnesia: the Dark Descent, a game that is absolutely flawless, and Unmechanical, games that don’t have all of the so-called AAA flair but are just brilliant pieces that make for unforgettable experiences.

        If becoming a gamer has taught me one thing it’s that it’s not about money. It’s not about the AAA titles and graphics, the games that have an incredible amount of play-hours or anything else like that. It’s about quality and honest-to-God fun, broadening the human experience and being able to just have some unrestrained fun in a safe environment.

        Dudebro, the video game industry is pretty much fucked right now and that ship needs to be righted. People on the outside, the Indies and the up-and-comers, are sailing better ships and that model is either going to right the industry or dovetail into a new one. So, despite how doom-and-gloom I get, how ZOMGWADDAFUQIZWRONGWITDIS I get, I firmly believe that gaming is worth it.

        If anyone tells you otherwise…man, smack them right in the penis. XD

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