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4 Video Games I Wish Would Be Made

We all have dreams, right? We dream of becoming the next famous MLG Pro gamer, or maybe we dream of being published in a world famous magazine or gaming news site. Maybe some of us want to design games. Well, we can dream about games themselves, too, can’t we? I don’t know about you, but I definitely have some dreams for games; game I wish would be made. Here is a list of five games I would buy in a heartbeat if they were developed and sold. Oddly enough, others must want these games too, because all but one of these photos are photoshops and fan-art.

Assassin’s Creed: Shogun
I love when we learn about the Japanese culture in history class; the Samurai were such honorable warriors that I feel like an Assassin vs. Templar story set in that time period would be quite interesting. Aside from Samurai, we can’t forget to mention the ninjas… who were the original stealth killers to begin with; they would fit right in with the Assassin’s criteria. The building style and design would be like nothing the Assassin’s Creed series has experienced to date, and the weapon possibilities are endless. Instead of throwing knives and dart guns, your Japanese Assassin could wield shruikens, and the katanas would be an amazing replacement for a pirate’s scabbard. Considering how historically accurate the AC series is, there is a great deal to be done in Japan; feudalism and politics, famous historical figures could be brought into the mix, and a truer representation of the Samurai and ninjas could be brought forth in a form of media where the fabled warriors are often exaggerated and overly fantasized. I would love to see what sort of clothes a Japanese Assassin would wear as well. In all, I think that taking the AC series to Japan would be an amazing way to shake up the franchise!

A Halo MMO or MMORPG was a project in the works a few years ago, but it was eventually cancelled. This is quite unfortunate, because I think a MMORPG with the feel of a Halo FPS would be amazing. Your entry level Human or Covenant member could be upgraded through armor upgrades, weapons, and more, moving through the ranks as you go. A different Covenant race or Human occupancy could serve as a class; Brutes are stronger than Elites, have more health, but are more sluggish and aren’t as smart, prohibiting use of certain items and weapons, for example. Brutes get Gravity hammers, and instead, Elites have exclusive use of energy swords. The human classes could range from Spartans to ODSTs to the traditional medic and assault classes. The possibilities are nearly endless, and for a healthy twist, the Flood or Prometheans could be used as a way to get the Human and Covenant factions working together for certain portions of the experience. I feel this would be awesome, especially in this new generation.

My only request: this must be a console MMORPG; my computer can’t handle it.

The Hunger Games: Online
Don’t get me wrong, the Minecraft Hunger Games are fun! However, they can’t hold a candle to what could potentially be possible with a console version of the Hunger Games. Imagine if you could be set in the middle of the clock of the second book and movie, fighting for your life against giant monkeys and bloodthirsty humans. Extra maps could be derived from the occasional vague descriptions in the books, or new ones could be imagined all together. Different Tributes could be chosen like different classes; each with different health levels, speed and agility, weapon accuracy, crafting abilities, and more. The depth that could potentially be put into an experience like this is unfathomable. The Hunger Games on consoles could really be a strategic game, complete with the ability to form alliances and chat with others.

Even better, it would be entirely possible for the Gamemakers to create dynamic events in the game. Go too close to the edge of the map, and a fire ensues, forcing you to run back to the center. The occasional earthquake might create a chasm too great to cross, and to keep the variety, not every event might happen in a match. For example, if there’s one area that could flood, it may not flood every match; the flooding mechanism might only be triggered 30% of the time, or the time it releases the water varies from the first day, to maybe the third day, keeping each round new and fresh. I could really see this happen; it would be a great, new multiplayer experience, and a way to get out of the traditional FPS cycle we seem to be in. I would pre-order this game the day it was announced… if only.

Pokemon U
Nintendo fanboys have been crying for a true Pokemon console game for years. If I were a Nintendo exec, I might think this is the best time to start developing a console Pokemon game; something needs to change to raise Wii U sales. Although console remakes of the classic handheld titles would be decent enough and might sell well, a fully 3D, new Pokemon experience might be just what the Wii U needs. X and Y gave players a taste of what a 3D Pokemon region looks like, but full screen, high definition Pokemon with fully animated battles, spoken dialogue, and maybe even some form of co-op multiplayer would be an amazing experience to bring to living rooms everywhere. A console version of Pokemon would be so much more interactive than a handheld version, and with the interesting capabilities of the Wii U controller, the possibilities are kind of endless.

What are some game ideas in your imagination that you wish developers would think of as well? I’d love to hear them! comment below, leave a like or a follow if you’ve enjoyed, and get back to playing video games.



10 thoughts on “4 Video Games I Wish Would Be Made”

    1. Haha, interesting choice! I used to be so into Power Rangers as a little kid; I dressed up as the red one for Halloween one year. I suppose they would make for a pretty beast video game if done right.

      1. boy this is an old article. Sorry I missed it. I agree with Drakulus. I’m waiting for a decent power rangers game. I can still watch power rangers. I’m not ashamed. *blush* 🙂

      2. Hey, I can still watch pokemon 😛 I don’t because I don’t have time, bit if I did, I most definitely would watch every episode. We all have a bit of a kid in us 🙂

    2. The SNES had at least one Power Ranger game. One was a fighting game and the other, if I remember correctly, was a brawler (think Final Fight).

    1. But it’s two generations old now, not to mention that the gameplay isn’t the same format as the handheld ones. I’d like to see an experience typical of the handhelds, but for a console.

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