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“New World” Short Story

So, this is something a bit different for me. I’m trying my hand at writing a short story (I do mean quite short) for you guys. I’ve written one before; about 20 MS Word pages long, but it wasn’t gaming related. Anyhow, I don’t want to give away any spoilers to this story, but I hope you enjoy my try at it! Maybe it’s a touch of fan-fiction…

Slowly, ever so slowly, my eyes opened again. I fought madly to beat away the unconsciousness, and finally, I was able to bring myself to my senses. With great effort, I pushed myself into a seated position and looked around at the grassy plain that surrounded me in every direction. I frowned; this place wasn’t familiar. In fact, nothing seemed to make a bit of sense. I couldn’t remember how I got here or what happened to knock me out cold. In fact, try as I did, I couldn’t even remember my own name. What was it again? Maybe it started with an “S.”

Slightly nauseated, I decided to stand up and look around. For support, I leaned against a mound of dirt that happened to be next to me; I didn’t feel very strong just yet, and I couldn’t quite stand on my own. With this better viewpoint, I could see a couple small hills to my right. To my left, far in the distance, was a small pond with a few wild mustangs drinking happily from it. Aside from the occasional flowers and grasses, not much inhabited these plains in terms of flora. With a sigh, I decided to move on from my current position. I was hungry, and I had to do something to keep myself alive since as I didn’t see any other people, nor did I have the slightest notion as to how I arrived in this predicament to begin with.

I walked, seemingly for miles, and I couldn’t find anything else to this strange place other than grass. As starvation set in, my fortune seemed to change. I spotted a small herd of wild boar. With my hunger growing, and seemingly nothing to hinder me from doing as I pleased, I ran forward and snapped the neck of one of these creatures. As the rest fled, I hauled away my prize and ate it raw. With no kindling in sight, I couldn’t hope to start a fire, even if I could figure out how to light it at all. With my hunger at bay for now, I left behind the remaining meat on the carcass and moved on. I felt a bit sick to the stomach, but it was preferable to dying of hunger.

I marched on, journeying through this unusual land. Eventually, as the sun was just beginning to set, I stumbled upon a very small town. In fact, “town” may be too strong a word; this encampment was only comprised of a few small buildings, presumably homes, and a couple gardens. Intrigued, I ran toward this community; maybe I could find some answers. Maybe, if I was lucky, I would find a way to get back home, wherever home might be. I hoped that the townsfolk might be able to jog my memory, or maybe they would simply take me in. Any of the above would be greatly appreciated, so I hurriedly made my way to the houses.

I soon found that I would not be obtaining any answers from these poor saps. I tried to communicate with them, but they seemed to be incapable of speech. In fact, the only sounds they made were the occasional grunts. Much like mentally disabled individuals, they were completely oblivious to my presence. I walked into their homes, looked in their cabinets, harvested some ripe vegetables from their garden; nothing phased them. I was able to do as I pleased, and in return, I received not even the slightest rebuke. These eccentric individuals were practically useless to me, so after I picked as many vegetables as I could carry, I decided to move on; there was no point in staying here with these brain-dead farmers.

At this point, it was quite dark, but I wasn’t worried about that, seeing as I traveled all day without incident until I stumbled upon this encampment. I made my way out of the town, but as I did so, I heard thumping and banging behind me. I swung my head around, genuinely concerned for the first time that day. What I saw alarmed me; a man was attempting to break into one of the homes! He didn’t wear clothes similar to those in the town, so I assumed he was an outsider. Quickly, I ran back to defend the poor residents. Because this assailant was unaware, I ran up to him and punched him in the back a few times in rapid succession. I had no weapon, but I eventually knocked him out cold. Only then did I get a good look at the man. His skin was dark, but it had abrasions, boils, and other anomalies. He stunk of rotting flesh, and I turned to run away, terrified and revolted.

I didn’t get far, however. Another one of these diseased men was behind me, slowly lumbering up to me. He was moaning in pain, presumably concerning his skin condition. I took out this man as I had the first, but he was able to take a few swipes at me in the process. I was battered at this point; my left arm hurt and I had a large gash running down my side. Bleeding and in pain, I made a beeline out of the town.

As I ran away, a huge spider began to give chase. Terrified, I ran as fast as I could, but the spider crawled just as quickly. I didn’t dare turn around, but with every step, I could hear his skittering and hissing. I continued to dash forward; before long, the grassland turned into a desert, and if I had been in a small predicament before, I was in grave danger now. Tumbleweed and cacti were littered about, and I ran carefully to ensure I wouldn’t trip and fall into one. By this time, I noticed that I no longer heard the spider skittering; I paused for a moment to catch my breath and take a bite of the food I had brought with me. Exhausted, I stood and ate for a moment.

Then, in the silence and dead of the night, a subtle noise rose from behind me. It started out as a soft, quiet hiss, and I whipped my head around to face this new foe head on. To my amazement, this creature was about six feet tall, and his face was scrunched in an expression of horror. Worst of all, this beast was green, walked on four stumpy legs, and had no arms. His body swelled, the hissing grew louder, and I had nowhere to run. Death had found me.

As his body exploded, I recalled my first memory since my unfortunate day began. In the face of death, I finally remembered something about my life prior to this bizarre incident: my name.

My name was Steve.

Well, what do you think? How long did it take you to realize this was about Minecraft? Let me know what portion made the Minecraft reference click for you. Leavea like or a follow if you’ve enjoyed, and have a Very Merry Christmas!

I’m Out


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