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Perfection In Resogun & My Full Thoughts On The Game

This Is A Screenshot Of The Moment I Reached Perfection In Resogun

I know; my last post was about perfectionism and Resogun; you might be tired of hearing about it. I usually don’t like to write two posts in a row about the same game or topic, simply because I doubt you want to hear about the same thing constantly, and I don’t like writing about the same thing constantly. I must inform you, however, that I have unlocked all the trophies in Resogun, thus making it the first game I have reached perfection in! I want to share with you my final thoughts on this game since I can now say I’ve explored everything it has to offer; this was something I was not able to do in my review when I posted it a few weeks ago.

I want to start off by saying there’s a lot of depth and replayability to Resogun even though it consists of 5 levels that can be beaten in 10-15 minutes apiece (if you’re lucky and don’t have to restart). I beat the arcade mode, and it took me a few hours on my first attempt. After I finished it on the “regular” difficulty (Experienced), I thought I was done. A friend inspired me to follow the quest for perfection, however, and I returned before very long. Solo, I ended up beating the game on a tougher difficulty, Veteran. Then, I beat the game another time by myself on the easiest difficulty (Rookie) because I needed to beat the game with all 3 ships, no matter what difficulty. I played it yet again with aforementioned friend on Experienced to use another ship I needed. In all, I’ve beat the game quite a few times, and none of the playthroughs felt boring.

The reason being, none of the playthroughs felt the same. Playing on Rookie was a relaxing walk in the park, but playing on Veteran (and eventually Master) is like trying to perfect a Rock Band guitar solo; it’s definitely a rush if you accomplish the task, but if you fall short, it’s a bit frustrating or depressing. Using one ship caused a certain tactic to be used, but another was required for a different ship. With 4 difficulties and 3 ships, there are 12 different ship/difficulty combinations, and I guarantee each one would play out very differently.

As I mentioned above, using each ship made playing through Resogun a different experience every time. The Nemesis, my personal favorite, has homing missiles, is very agile, and has a high level of boost. The downside, however, is that the ship’s overdrive (read: giant laser) charges very slowly. The Ferox’s overdrive charges much faster and has a bit less boost, but itย is a bit less agile and has only straight firing bullets rather than homing missiles. The Phobos, my least favorite, is a sluggish beast with little boost, but it boasts a shotgun-blast type of weapon and a rapidly recharging overdrive. My playthrough with the Nemesis saw me dodging and weaving, boosting through waves of enemies. The Ferox, on the other hand, involved less fleeing and required better aim due to the lack of homing missiles. The Phobos was good at plowing straight through without much fear of being touched due to the extremely devastating close-range attack.

I enjoyed being forced to think and play differently; I’m not used to that in games. I play a lot of FPS games, and increased difficulties usually mean more enemies that are stronger and have better weapons. The remedy: hide and only poke your head out when you’re ready to shoot, then dive back to cover. An FPS following that strategy doesn’t require a radically different gameplan, but Resogun demands a true change. I liked the challenge, and I took said challenge many times!

The online play is a great addition to Resogun; I hadn’t really played it before I wrote my review, but I’ve spent a few hours playing with a friend, and it’s great fun. Considering everyone has a headset, playing with it connected is basically a must. Hearing him rage at a death or make weird sounds as he evades a few dozen enemies is priceless, and I know I’ve made him laugh at my own stupidity more than once. With that being said, the headset provides a tactical advantage as well, especially pertaining to the end bosses or when to use bombs and overdrives to be most effective. Most importantly, the headsets are great when it comes to choosing who should save each human and get the bonus that each one gives (i.e. if I know a specific human will grant an extra life and my friend has none, I’ll tell him to save the human rather than me).

Having covered online play, difficulty levels, and all the ships, I think that’s all I have left to talk about concerning Resogun. Anything else you want to know will either be in the review or in this article that was posted a couple days ago. Of course, if you have any comments or questions, let me know below! Leave a like or a follow if you’ve enjoyed, as it’s much appreciated. Then, consider taking a look at the “Links” tab for Let’s Play Channels!

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11 thoughts on “Perfection In Resogun & My Full Thoughts On The Game”

  1. I’m not sure if I’ve said it before -it may have been a comment I was thinking of leaving and then, for whatever reason, chose not to- but there is only ONE game where I unlocked all the PSN trophies. Dante’s Inferno. It was a really fantastic game with a great story, great art and great combat, a game where I actually wanted to play it again (which I did) and unlock all of the trophies. None of the trophies required awkward play that wasn’t conducive to regular play through trying a different strategy or required me to do something remarkably convoluted. Even going so far as to collect all of the items was worthwhile and relevant because they all added something real to augment Dante’s abilities…it was just great.

    (Splatterhouse was similar but, unfortunately, there is a bug in the game where one of Jenny’s pictures cannot be completed because the picture piece doesn’t show up where it is supposed to. If it wasn’t for that I would have actually tried to unlock the achievements that I didn’t finish (largely just the Arena-related ones). And Splatterhouse, despite some real issues, was just a damn fine game…damn fine.)

    But have a look at this ( and this ( Both screenshots demonstrate that an ‘achievement’ can only be unlocked by playing or purchasing a different game entirely. In the first, the game is free-to-play so no purchase is necessary but this is different in the second. All three games are by Tripwire and some may say that makes it ok, missing the point that to unlock an ‘achievement’ in game X you need to do something in game Y and that something may include purchasing game Y, ostensibly requiring you to actually pay money to unlock an achievement.

    (Someone will bring ‘gifting’ into this and they are both remarkably stupid and missing the point.)

    ‘Achievements’ are little more than a form of thinly veiled coercion that, more and more, seem to be designed to just keep the person playing the game instead of encouraging them to play the game differently and find more enjoyment in it. Take a look at the ‘achievements’ for Dead Island ( Very few of these are anything at all to write home about. There are a few milestone achievements and some that encourage the player to try a different tactic or character (kill x enemies with y damage), but some of them are bad.

    Heal yourself 100 times with a medkit: why are anti-achievements a cool thing? Play with 10 different people for at least 15 minutes: why is there an achievement for just playing with other people? Complete x number of quests with another person: again, why are there achievements for just playing with other people? Kill a Ram using Sam B’s Tackle skill: awkward play that is supposed to be cute and serves no other purpose? Kill an Infected with a grenade blast: waste a valuable item or huck one into a pile and hope it kills an Infected for the ‘achievement’?

    I really loved Dead Island, beating it with Pretty on the PS3 (she played Purna and I played Sam B) and solo (Sam B) on the PC. It’s a really great game despite some serious flaws, but those ‘achievements’ and even some of the in-game ‘challenges’ contained anything but. Achievements should be real challenges and milestones, not manufactured challenge for the sake of doing something different (and awkwardly!) or even anti-challenges like some have become. Hell, in TERA there are ‘achievements’ -yes, plural- for dying.

    1. Concerning what you said about Dante’s Inferno, I think you feel the same about it as I do about Resogun. Between the gameplay and the types of achievements, there’s something about the game(s) that just make ya wanna keep playing it until you do it all!

      I also like the fact that most of the achievements aren’t the stupid anti-achievements like you mentioned… I mean, really? Being rewarded simply for playing the game? I understand ones concerning beating a game on a certain difficulty, but why make ones where you have to fight a certain number of people or score a certain number of headshots, etc. That’s just dumb.

      On another note, there’s an indie game out called The Stanley Parable… one of the achievements is to not play the game for a few years… I think it’s either 6 or 10 years without playing TSP. What do you think? Cool, funny, and inventive, or do you say it’s dumb and unnecessary? After all, nobody will reach perfection in that game till I’m way out of high school hahaha.

      1. I don’t like the use of the word ‘perfection’ in relation to trophies.

        In respect to The Stanley Parable…I’m not sure. From what I’ve heard of the game I’m more inclined to think that it’s commentary of the current state of affairs than anything else.

      2. In the vein of DLC Quest, perhaps, yes. But I’m not familiar enough with the project to do more than suggest and with that caveat attached to it.

  2. congrats on your PERFECTION bud! ๐Ÿ™‚ Was there a platinum trophy to unlock in Resogun? If so congrats on your first platinum!

    I’m really impressed that you stuck it out and completed everything. It goes to show that the game truly has so much to offer players. I’m hoping to get my PS4 and Resogun later in July. Once I do, I’ll let you know. Maybe can we have a game?

    Laters ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Yeah, the picture at the top of the article shows the Platinum Trophy; it’s a screenshot of when I unlocked it ๐Ÿ™‚ I was pretty happy haha.

      And I’ll be happy to play some Resogun with you when you get a PS4! Keep me posted ๐Ÿ˜€

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