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TryHardNinja Charts On Billboard

Way back in the beginning of September, I posted a review of an album I was really enjoying; “In Real Life” by Tryhardninja. As I explained in that post, Tryhardninja is a gamer who also happens to be musically gifted, and he used to do gaming related parodies of popular songs. In 2013, however, he released his debut album which featured 13 original songs; none were parodies. The more I listen to the album, the more I appreciate his ingenuity. This guy is a lyrical and musical genius! I’m considering editing my review simply because the more I listen to the tracks, the more I grow to enjoy them, and parts of a song that didn’t stand out or make sense before are now clicking and causing me to love the album even more. I don’t think some of the reviews I gave some songs still stand, because they’ve grown on me (I have no idea how “Straight To The Top” only got a 5/10 from me).

Imagine my surprise, then, when I saw that the lead song from the album, “Take Back The Night,” is currently charted at #12 on the Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic Songs Chart.

“Take Back The Night” has now been charting for the past two weeks; last week was its debut on the charts, but the song and video have been out for months now, and you can watch said video in all its glory at the top of this post. Last week, TBTN debuted at #20, and it climbed an impressive 8 spots to #12 this week. I’m honestly blown away that a novelty indie song from a gamer is sitting on the same Top 20 chart as Avicii, Zedd, Daft Punk, and Lady Gaga. You may think this is a fluke, but I think otherwise. In the coming weeks, we’ll see whether TBTN continues to chart, (and maybe even hits the Hot 200 chart) or if it falls off into obscurity. Make no mistake, however, that this is an impressive achievement for Tryhardninja, whether this is a one-hit-wonder moment for him or just the start of a musical career.

I honestly think that TBTN could continue to chart higher and higher for three main reasons. First, it’s catchy. Like any radio hit nowadays, it’s got a fun, lively, hopping beat. Secondly, it has multiple meanings. The lyrics are taken one way by Minecraft players, but they’re taken another way completely by anyone else. The video is a good one whether you play Minecraft or not, and it’s easy to follow. Considering this is somewhat made by nerds for nerds, it’s surprisingly inviting and easy for outsiders to latch on to. Finally, TBTN is quirky. Think Gangnam Style, The Fox, etc. We don’t hear them on the radio, but because of the interesting stories behind them, they’ve earned a permanent place in pop culture. When people hear about this nerd named Tryhardninja who decided to write a legitimate song about video games that appeals to the masses, the world may take note. I surely would.

I’d like to see it chart because of the message, first of all. As I explained in my review, TBTN isn’t just about fighting off Minecraft mobs; it’s also a message of hope and encouragement. It’s a clean, cursing free song that offers a deeper meaning than most songs while still keeping that infectious beat. I’d also like to see it chart higher simply because it woudl be a most impressive feat for the gaming community. This could be our way of saying, “look; we’re not all killers. Games are art. They’re beautiful. We are human too, and we’re capable emotions.” This is our token to society.

What do you think? Is “Take Back The Night” simply a one time thing, or is this a chance for nerds to make waves on the airwaves? Can we produce music others want to hear? Comment below! Hit the like or follow buttons if you’ve enjoyed, then consider looking at the LP channels in my “Links” tab. Thanks!

Excited and Happy


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