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Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver Soundtracks on iTunes Excites Me

As I mentioned in this post a while back, I absolutely love good video game music, and among my favorite tunes is the Bicycle Theme from Pokemon Crystal (which is basically the better version of Gold and Silver). To be honest, I had a tough time picking just one song from Crystal to include on my list. I could sit and listen to those little 8-bit ditties for hours on end; there’s something so fun, peppy, and nostalgic about them! Now, I know that the music from Crystal was the same as in Gold and Silver. I can only assume that the music in HeartGold and SoulSilver is practically the same; I’ve never played the remakes. I do know that the sounds are updated, because HG and SS have a feature that allows playback of the old 8-bit tunes rather than the new audio files. I’m simply unsure as to whether the new audio files are new tracks altogether, or simply “remastered” versions of the old ones.

In any case, I love seeing this soundtrack on iTunes because it gives game enthusiasts (especially nostalgic ones like me) a legal way to download the songs that may have defined a time in their life so much more than any other song that will ever be heard on the radio.

Personally, the music from Pokemon Crystal is the most prevalent sound in my childhood, and I don’t know why. I enjoy hearing the tunes from Crystal now much more than any other song that was every popular when I was a kid, and I really don’t know why. I didn’t play Crystal a ton; in fact, I never beat the Elite Four. I didn’t watch the TV show, I never watched the movies. Only rarely did I play the card game with friends. Really, Pokemon was less important in my childhood (as told by time spent playing it) than Legos or Beyblades, yet it sticks with me more.

I take that as possibly the first cue that I’m supposed to play games, write about games, or write for games for a living; it’s what I love, it’s what I do, and it’s what I remember more than almost any other aspect of my childhood. So, as you can see, the release of these soundtracks makes me very happy. I’ve tried to download the files for the original Gold and Silver tunes from many sites, but of course, it didn’t work. Some required site memberships, payments of some sorts, and others flat out didn’t work. Seeing that I can now download this great album legitimately on iTunes is a sort of blessing.

Of course, this isn’t the only album I would download if I had the money. If money were no option (and it were available) I would buy the Fire Emblem Awakening soundtrack, maybe the Rayman Origins soundtrack, some Halo ones, and DEFINITELY the Mario Kart soundtracks. Along with Pokemon, I could listen to the Mario Kart Wii soundtrack for a long, long time.

These Pokemon soundtracks scratch my itch for nostalgia. I might not buy them, (yet) but knowing they’re there, available and waiting for me, is a comfort. Having these pieces of history out in the wild is a great thing for Nintendo and/or Game Freak to have done.

What’s your favorite gaming soundtrack, available or unavailable? Comment below with your answer! Like or follow the blog if you’ve enjoyed this post, and check the LP channels in my “Links” tab for some videos.

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12 thoughts on “Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver Soundtracks on iTunes Excites Me”

      1. I’ve never completely finished one, but they are all rather difficult. The latest one’s the easiest, but I still looked up a guide for some of it. The latest one’s better if you’ve played through others in the series, because it has little references, but the music is amazing too. They’ve redone a whole lot of the classic tracks on a recorder/guitar combo, and it sounds amazing. It also uses the 3D the best out of all the games I’ve played on the 3DS ao far. Because it’s 2D, it looks like a proper pop-up effect.

      2. I’ve wanted to try it for a while, but it seems like other games take priority, like Fire Emblem, most recently. ONE DAY I’ll get around to it, because I truly do think it’s something I would enjoy.

      3. I here Fire Emblem’s good, but has a really long campaign. I’ll get around to it someday, because I do like strategy games, but I was kind of hoping there’d be a new advance wars.

      4. I would DIE if a new Advance Wars came out. That was my first turn based strategy I ever played, and I was crushed when I lost it as a kid. That’s basically the reason I bought Fire Emblem to begin with; I’m not disappointed with the experience, but it does have a long campaign. I’ve sunk over 12 hours into it, and I think I probably have another 5-8 more to go, if I had to guess. In any case, the campaign is lots of fun, even if it is lengthy; worth the money, so far.

      5. Thing is, their 3DS is raking it in! At this point, they basically can’t make games fast enough, because pretty much all their games (especially first party ones) are releasing to great sales and rave reviews. It’ll come in time, or at least I sure hope.

      6. Yeah, but they might make it a Wii U exclusive to boost sales. Considering everyone wants it so bad, they might consider it, but I’d hope that they release a 3DS version as well.

      7. Hmm… I’m not really interested in a Wii U, but if Advance Wars released for it, that might change; definitely a good business plan. I can only imagine what they could do with cutscenes, storyline, and animations on a big screen.

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