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Come Join Us At The Gamers Sphere


I’m sure we’ve all been there. There’s that place where everything seems great, right? That place where, despite the craziness in and around your life, there’s a certain calm; a peace. There’s that place where you realize that good things are happening. They’re finally happening. It’s at that time when you realize that the whole thing is a bit surreal; could it really be happening? The happiness is overwhelming. Do you know that place? Well, I do. It’s where I’m standing right now, because despite the fact that my life is crazy, it’s busy, and I never seem to rest, I’m happier than I’ve ever been. Part of the reason being that I’m part of something big, something new, something more than just myself. I’m part of a new sphere: The Gamers Sphere

Some of you may know about this new development, but some may not. I’ve been picked up by a gaming site that’s much larger than my blog here at MOAAG. Let it be known, MOAAG is growing, and I’m extremely happy with what it’s become. But there’s something different about being a part of the Gamers Sphere. As I mentioned before, it’s something more than just myself; I’m part of a team with a legitimate gaming site. See, Gamers Sphere is a brand new site; it’s been up for less than a week. Formerly, it was known as the John Heatz blog here on WordPress, but our fearless leader has bought a new domain, and voila! We have a legitimate, fancy, amazing gaming site.

On the Gamers Sphere, you’ll find everything gaming. We have live-streams, news articles, opinion articles and editorials from authors like me, game reviews and first impressions, and so much more now and to come in the future. We want to bring you only the best, and we strive to bring the latest news that impacts you. We don’t have a bias or a slant in our news articles, which I think is great. You’ll find PC news from some of our computer aficionados, console news for all the companies, news about upcoming releases for all platforms, and so much more. On the opinionated side, we plan to explore lots of diverse topics in our editorial section. So far, we have editorials about the PS4, Assassin’s Creed, the dilemma of pre-ordering a game, and much more.

Our goal is to be the site you can come to for all your gaming news, wants, and needs, much like Game Informer or IGN. We are entirely honest with you about everything we do. We have no motives and no desires other than to simply bring you the best, most honest pieces we can. We write out of our love for gaming; we’re not getting paid for this. It’s all coming from the heart, and we hope you enjoy the fact that we’re honest about gaming, for better or worse.

Every Sunday, a new editorial should be on the site from Yours Truly. I plan to write articles akin to the ones I publish here, and you might see some news articles from me throughout the week. Make no mistake, My Opinion As A Gamer will still be going strong, and I’ll continue to bring you an article every other day as I have from this site’s inception several months ago. Just know that The Gamers Sphere is there, it’s ready, and it’s waiting for you to come along for the ride. I hope you’ll join us.

so please, if you would, come take a look at the new site. Get involved, check it out. You won’t regret it. Just head to

Thanks a Ton


26 thoughts on “Come Join Us At The Gamers Sphere”

    1. I’m super…really, reaaaally late on this one, but all the error you mentioned has been fixed now, has been for a while now, and I can promise a 99% up time (there’s always something that can happen out of our hands, there’s the other 1%)

      1. Hello John!

        I definitely hear what you say; unfortunately, even as we have so many features that are available on WordPress, a reblog option isn’t one of them as we use WP as a base, but modified it to suit our needs, and we don’t even have the option available to be added on our system. Else, it would be in there for sure.

        It is a matter of keeping in mind that GamersSphere isn’t a blog, so, due to that, I don’t think anyone has gotten into developing an add-on to “reblog” articles from it, even when some have been asking for this feature since 2011

      2. That’s the thing…it isn’t available! hahaha! If it was, it would be there for sure, but there’s no function for us to add it, I might get into developing and sharing with other site owners, but that will have to wait until the workload gives me the time to do it.

      3. We do, however the Sharing options are limited to what you see available on articles plus “Digg” and “Pocket”.

        The lack of a “Press This” is known, as there are plenty of people who have been asking for it for a while, but the option is exclusive for sites as far as it has been stated.

      4. When it comes to these sort of installations, they do not support it. That’s why if I wanted something like it, I most likely will have to develop it myself

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