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Dang You, Flappy Bird

I usually don’t play many games on my phone. Sure, I got the Angry Birds bug once upon a time, and I love a good round of Temple Run 2 here and there, but largely, I opt to bring my 3DS when I go places. I would much rather sink my time into some Street Fighter or Fire Emblem than Dragon City or Words With Friends. This weekend, however, I took a trip with my church’s youth group, and I didn’t bring my 3DS along. I assumed we would spend more time socializing than sitting on the bus in solitude, and I was correct in my assumption. Oddly enough, a lot of the time we spent chatting with each other revolved around playing or talking about one mobile game: Flappy Bird. Oh, Flappy Bird, you have become the bane of my existence, and I have no idea why I’m so addicted to you.

After we had sat in the bus for about half an hour, one of my friends started playing and talking about Flappy Bird, a game that he was obsessed with. Next thing you know, a couple other people are playing the game too, which I had never heard of before. I decided to download it and give it a shot; why not? Worst idea ever. I got sucked into playing the game, and the competitive side of me never let me stop playing until I had utterly destroyed everyone else’s high scores. In fact, I probably played a good 4 hour’s worth of Flappy Bird over the weekend, taking turns with friends, laughing with them at their failures, cheering them on when they would do well, and generally, having a great time over this game.

What exactly is Flappy Bird anyhow? Basically, the point of this 8-bit styled game is to navigate your little bird through a side-scrolling level of pipes. Pipes come out of the ground and from the sky, creating small passages for you to fly through; touch one and you die. The goal is to make it as far as possible before dying; the game is endless, so you never “win.” In order to get your bird to fly, you have to tap the screen; each tap makes him flap his wings, and his instinct is to drop. Tap intermittently to keep him flying, but the moment you lose the rhythm, he falls.

Flappy Bird comes with a steep learning curve; it’s hard to get the rhythm down. How often must I tap? How much will he jump per tap? Keeping him under control is tough, and one of my friends has played over 3 hours and has yet to make it bas the 8th set of pipes. 3 of us were able to get to around 15 pipes or so, and a couple hit the 30 mark. I, as far as I know, am the only person in my circle of friends to break past 35; I have a high score of 51, which was very difficult.

The thing is, Flappy Bird is so simple, it seems that anyone can play it. After all, you only have one job, and one command: tap. That’s all you have to do; just tap the screen. How this game is so difficult, I will never know. Even though over half of my runs never make it past the 10th set of pipes, I keep playing, hoping that the next run will break 20, 30, or eventually my high score. It’s so addicting yet so simple. Having other friends trying to reach the same goal while dealing with the same struggles is fun as well; every once in a while during the trip, somebody would call out a seemingly random number. “16!” We all knew what that person meant; he or she had bested their personal high score. If somebody called out a number close to mine, I knew I had to do better; I had to keep playing until I scored high enough to ensure my status as best on the bus.

Most times, when I fail in a game, I get discouraged. After a couple dozen tries, I will quit for the day and come back the next with a newer plan, a better tactic, and a fresh outlook. Not with Flappy Bird; I would try again and again and again… I used so much battery life on this game, but it never really felt wasted if you see what I mean. After hundreds of deaths, I still played it, and so did others on the bus.

In a nutshell, you have to download this game. Give it a shot; maybe you’ll get hooked. I don’t know why it’s so fun, and I wrote this post partly because of that: I’m so confused as to why I enjoy Flappy Bird so much. On the other hand, I’m writing this post partly to tell you that you’ve got to try this game.

 If you have Flappy Bird, what’s your high score? Comment below! Hit the like or follow buttons if you’ve enjoyed. Check out the LP channels in my “Links” tab if you’d like, and I’ll see you later!

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8 thoughts on “Dang You, Flappy Bird”

  1. OK, I can see why it’s addictive. Really steep learning curve but once you get used to it you always try and do better. There are times where I can’t even get past 1 or 2. I also seem to struggle with pipes that are situated towards the bottom of the screen. The highest so far is only 11. 🙂

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