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Blog Update: Read: I Have No Idea What To Write About

Well, yay me. I’ve got writer’s block. I honestly have gone through my list of topics I want to write about, and I’ve got nothing left. I hoped that I would have another game to review for you by now, but the games I’ve downloaded and tried lately haven’t captured my attention enough for reviews, and I’ll explain why in a minute. In short, this is going to be a quick update as to what I’ve been doing, and also to ask if there’s anything you would like me to write about!

First off: the games I haven’t finished. I rarely play a game without finishing it, but I guess when that game is free, there really is no incentive. I guess part of the problem is that I’ve tried playing games, but then I get bored because I have another similar game that’s just better. For example, I can’t finish Don’t Starve. I’ve given up. I don’t find it very fun, and frankly, I’d rather play Minecraft. I downloaded Blacklight Retribution, and although it’s fun, there are a couple reasons I can’t review it just yet, which I’ll explore in detail later. In short, I think I’d rather play Halo because of the superior gunplay. BR’s gunplay is kind of finnicky; loose at times, tighter at times.

Then there’s Zelda: Four Swords. It was a free download from the Nintendo eShop. I never have played a Zelda game, and although I’d like to try A Link Between Worlds, I don’t want to play it badly enough to buy it at its current price. Anyhow, the only reason I got Four Swords is because it was free, and I’m very glad. It’s not necessarily dull or boring; I’m just confused as to how to progress through the levels. I reached one pint where I inspected every single pixel of the area, then I reloaded the level, and still found nothing. It’s just not worth it! So, I think I’ll bite the bullet and actually buy a 3DS game. Pokemon X or Y might be up next.

Back to consoles, I am going to begin Gears of War today (the original) and I’m moderately excited about it. I’ve heard great things about the franchise, and it looks like a game that will appeal to me. I’ll also be finishing the download of Blacklight Retribution, but as I mentioned before, I’m not sure if a review will ever happen. First of all, it’s still in beta, so I have no idea how long it’ll still be in beta, or how the game will change (if at all) once it comes out of beta. I don’t want to review unfinished games, though I may do a basic overview. On the other hand, although I can play Retribution, I only have one map available. As I play, there’s an in-game download that’s going on, so I hope it’s just downloading more maps (maybe the initial download was just the basics to get me to start playing). IF not, I have to see if they must be purchased, which I don’t want to do, and I will not do.

Also, Outlast comes out tomorrow for the PS4, and I’m really excited! I hate horror, but at the same time, the only horror game I’ve played recently was Slender: The Eight Pages. It was spooky, but Outlast looks like a completely different kind of spooky; it looks flashier and less minimalist. I’m going to see how I like it, though I probably will hate it. I might not be able to finish the game due to my wimpiness, so there may not be a review of it either. Oh well XD

Finally, I need some help. If you have any topic that you’d like to see my opinion on, let me know! Maybe you’d like to do a side-by-side article where we get to show the readers two different opinions on the same topic; that would be pretty cool. In any case, let me know if there’s anything you can think of, as I would appreciate any ideas at the moment.

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12 thoughts on “Blog Update: Read: I Have No Idea What To Write About”

  1. I know how you feel. Writers block sucks. When that happens I tend to do a lot of reading and hopefully have a thought. Then take that thought and run with it. Easier said than done, I know 🙂 I’m lucky though because I’ve still got my PS2 and PS1. So when I run out of games I usually borrow from friends or go back to the PS1 and PS2 era. Like the other day I finally finished God of War.

    FYI 48 points on Flappy Bird 🙂

  2. Everyone has moments like this. I do all the time, I usually visit gaming forums for inspiration, they’re a great tool for engaging in gaming conversations and site promotion. Best of luck

  3. Play Outlast.

    There’s nothing on my blog about my experiences with the game because I wrote about it on one that is now defunct. It’s an experience that I found to be mixed but still a game that I very much find to be worth playing. There were some mechanical concepts that didn’t make sense within the narrative and some mechanical issues that really broke down the narrative, and that along with the fear factor, but on the whole the game is still solid. The game could have benefited from a lot more QA, however the team was quite small (you’ll see after the credits) and what they were able to do with a small team like that gives me faith that they’re next game will be really great.

    In that I compared it to Frictional starting out with the first Penumbra game…something that would make sense if you played PC games.



    1. I think I remember seeing something about Outlast on your other blog. I’m definitely going to download it when it becomes available. The PlayStation store updated today, but it’s still showing Don’t Starve as the free game of the month, even though Outlast is in the store. Hopefully it’ll mark as the free game soon so I can start my download; I’m pretty excited.

      As for getting a pc, I’ll be honest, having to get every single electoon is probably a worse form of torture than waterboarding. I would rather die than have to play rayman origins for days on end D:

  4. I know that this might not influence your decision much, but the new Zelda is the best one I’ve ever played. But if you want to go cheaper, then Orcarina of Time might be the best one, as ypu miight be able to find it for cheaper. It is a really big world, but the new one’s easier. I had to buy a guide to get through Orcarina, this new one I just look online now and again.

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