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4 Things Xbox One Must Do To Interest Me

As most of you know, I am the proud owner of a PS4. When decision time rolled around last summer and fall, it wasn’t as easy as it might seem. True, I am a bit of a Sony fanboy, but I believe it is with merit, as I’ve never had a bad Sony product and I always get great bang for my buck. In any case, when I decided not to get an Xbox One, it was tough. The TV snap feature is kind of cool, and I’m sad that I’ll be missing a new Halo experience. With that said, here are 4 things that Microsoft must do in order to convince me to buy an Xbox One.

1: Ditch The Kinect For a Price Drop

I think the Kinect is pretty useless at this point. For some reason, it just seems like developers can’t make good use of the technology, which is a shame because I definitely think that the Kinect could revolutionize gaming in a certain capacity. But, because I haven’t seen any game that made me want to buy a Kinect either in this new generation or the last one, I would definitely like to see Microsoft offer an Xbox One sans Kinect for a hundred dollars cheaper. As somebody who doesn’t have all that much money to spend on video games, saving up another hundred bucks toward buying an Xbox One at launch was impossible; because Microsoft is trying to push technology that’s more or less unnecessary, it will be harder for them to sell their systems at the premium price. Who wants to pay extra to buy something they don’t need, when a cheaper (and just as good) alternative is right in front of them?

2: Improve Free Games Program

There’s no doubt about it; Playstation Plus members get more (and better) free games than Xbox Gold members do. For example, this February, Gold members get the two-and-a-half-year-old Dead Island for the first two weeks, and some title I’ve never heard of called Toy Soldiers: Cold War for the second two weeks. An important thing to note is that neither of these titles will be available on the Xbox One. Meanwhile, PS+ members get Outlast for the PS4, which is making its console debut on this system. Notably, Outlast is quite new; it’s only been out for 5 months on PC. On top of the monthly free PS4 title, a handful of games are free to PS3 owners, and there are free Vita titles as well; all the Plus titles are newer than Microsoft’s Dead Island offering. With the fact that I get a new PS4 game for free every month with my mandatory Plus subscription, why would I ever want to switch to Xbox One, where my mandatory Gold subscription would earn me no games for the system at all? (It is worth noting that Microsoft plans to add the Xbox One to their Games For Gold program in the future).

3: Slim The System

This is more of an “in my dreams” request, as I’m sure the sheer size of an Xbox One’s inner components makes it impossible to make the system any smaller at this point. However, look at the size difference between the PS4 and Xbox One in this picture. Then, to make matters worse, look at the fact that the One is even larger than the original 360 and is about the same size as an original PS3; this thing is a beast! I don’t have a ton of space in my room, and I honestly would have needed to do some serious rearranging in order to neatly fix an Xbox One in there (yes, the extra couple of inches make that much of a difference, as wrong and inappropriate as that sounds). Especially seeing the size of the Xbox One in comparison to the PS4, I must applaud Sony for truly making a sleek, slim system, especially on the first iteration. I honestly don’t know how they’ll make it much slimmer, and I don’t see the need for a slim model anyhow, seeing how small it is already.

4: Halo!

All things considered, it truly would take a lot for me to buy an Xbox One at this point. With that said, providing the new Halo game swiftly would go a long way. I have no idea when it’s actually going to release, but the sooner the better, assuming the quality of the game won’t suffer. If I see a 9 or 10 rated Halo game, it’ll definitely come closer to breaking my resolve. Even better, I would love to have a limited edition Halo Xbox One. I’ve never had a limited edition system since my parents bought the Wii and I bought my PS4 before limited editions came out, the PS3 came free with our Bravia purchase, and my 360 was bought because it was used and cheap; doesn’t matter what it looks like. Being able to say there’s something special about my console while getting to flaunt my love for Halo would definitely make me happy.

Well, there you have it! Here are some things Microsoft could do to entice me into buying an Xbox One. The thing is, it’s not all about me; I’m sure lots of peopel would buy Ones if they were $100 cheaper as well, for example. What could cause you to want to buy an Xbox One? Let me know in the comments section below, and leave a like or a follow if you’ve enjoyed the article. Check out the LP channels in my “Links” tab, and I’ll see you next time.

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20 thoughts on “4 Things Xbox One Must Do To Interest Me”

  1. (1) Adjust you title. It says “5 Things…” instead of “4 Things…”.

    (2) From what I have seen, Microsoft is significantly more interested in being an all-in-one device than a dedicated gaming device. This is a problem because, as I’ve often pointed out, there isn’t a solid reason beyond up-front price to pick up a device like that over a gaming PC since the latter is essentially an upgrade to something someone already has at home and not really an extra expense. Sony is moving in the right direction after their PS3/PSP/Vita missteps, especially considering the rumoured PS1/PS2 emulation -provided, of course, this software upgrade allows for the reading of physical discs. Nintendo has been moving in the wrong direction, like Microsoft, but in a different way. The last few Nintendo consoles are dedicated gaming devices but remarkably gimmicky and off-putting.

    When it comes down to it, I think that what ANY console maker needs to do is demonstrate that it is a legitimate gaming device and that is the primary or sole focus of the device without any gimmicks or bullshit. Microsoft and Nintendo are in real jeopardy here and for vastly different reasons while Sony looks to actually be turning around. Experience through time and the stupidity of people will be what tells the tale here.

    1. Whoops! I can’t believe I didn’t catch that; thanks!

      Their early (and continued, but not to the same extent) focus on trying to make the Xbox One an all-in-one device really threw me off. It didnt really seem like a true gaming console, and I didn’t like that. Of course, there are plenty of people out there who enjoy the direction Microsoft is taking… I’m just not one of them, and neither are you, from the way it sounds. Likewise, I have no idea what Nintendo is doing anymore. They’ve gone off the deep end with consoles, but nobody can beat them in the handheld market, and it’ll probably be that way for years to come if they keep it up. On the other hand, Sony is golden right now. They’re making few mistakes, and none are major. Moving forward, I think this is definitely the company to follow in gaming, and I’m glad I made that decision very early on this generation.

  2. …Fanboy 😛
    In all seriousness though, Netflix and other streaming services would have to come to Australia for me to consider it. For all it’s emphasis on streaming services, I just want to play games, so I would probably go a PS4 (or PC) for just playing games, because a PS4 can do that better than the Xbox One.

      1. It’s worse with the prices of games, all the next-gen ones are $100, even in the digital store.
        But this is why most countries don’t understand why Australia is one of the biggest piraters in the world: none of them would do it if there was a service like Netflix ($5 a month for lots of TV shows) but instead all we have is foxtel, who charge $70 a month to get any channels you want, you have to get them in a bundle (not just one channel) and there’s still lots of ads.

      2. I don’t know the full reasons, but it has something to do with Foxtel having a monopoly and the Australian distributors not doing a deal with Netflix (or something along those lines).
        As for the prices, Australia has a higher minimum wage, but this can still be an issue for some members of the population (teenagers only get a percentage of the minimum wage).

      3. Ah, so you guys don’t really have laws to break up monopolies? That would definitely be a problem. And even if the minimum wage was remarkably higher, nearly double price for a video game is still unrealistically high.

      4. I don’t think it’s a law, it’s just the distributors not wanting to license their movies. Here’s a paragraph from an article I found online:

        For that reason, digital rights management remains a huge obstacle. The major studios will not currently license all their back catalogues to be included in subscription VOD [video on demand] packages. Langsford says the decisions as to what can be included in the premium packages and the advertising-supported VOD packages are made “title by title, studio by studio. Some [television] content can be made available 24 hours after broadcast, some only after the season finale.” So viewers who have Quickflix’s $14.99 premium package but want to watch an episode of The Newsroom season 2 need to pay an extra $2.99.

    1. “waste” sounds like you had a rough time :/ be sure to let us know how you like the Xbox. I actually dont know anyone with one. All my friends who have a new console have a ps4

      1. Lol. All of my friends have an Xbox One :]. I wouldn’t say I had a rough time. I just hated almost every exclusive the Playstation 3 had and honestly from what we’ve seen so far for the PS4’s exclusive they don’t look all that good either. The only PS3 exclusive game that I like is Demon Souls.

      2. I mean competition more in the sense that they both feel the need (or I hope so) to innovate because the others in the market may do the same thing and leave then in the dust. If we only had one option, they wouldn’t have to get better because, we’d have no other buying option, you know what I mean?

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