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So, What Should I Play Next?

I have an issue when it comes to making decisions; it doesn’t matter what it is. Whether I’m choosing a movie, a restaurant, or a book, I always have trouble picking just one after I narrow it down to a couple choices. Likewise, I’m having trouble right now. I’m nearly to the end of the Gears of War, and I need another game to play after this one is through. I’ve downloaded Outlast, but knowing my aversion to horror games, I’m not sure how long that will last. Frankly, I simply have it because it might be worth giving a shot. In any case, my mind is torn between a couple different options, and all four are out of my typical genres. Long story short, I want your feedback to help me decide which adventure I should embark upon next.

1: Portal

I’ve heard a lot about Portal, and I want to give it a shot. After the disappointing puzzle game that Contrast turned out to be, I’m looking forward to an immersive, inventive puzzle game. From what I’ve heard, Portal has great puzzles, and it’s got a good story to boot. I’m excited to give this a shot, but of course, I’m excited to try the others as well. For anyone who has played the Portal series: which is better; Portal 1 or Portal 2? Will I be confused if I play 2 without trying 1? Remember, I’m story-oriented, so I assume I’d be confused as far as the storyline goes. Is my assumption correct?

2: SSX

Back when I had an original Xbox, I used to have Amped 2, which was an insanely fun snowboarding game. I used to play that game for hours on end, and I loved the experience so much. Having just gone skiing for the first time two weeks ago, and now watching the Winter Olympics, now feels like a great time to jump back into the snow sports genre. How are the graphics in this game, to anyone who’s played it? The environment design? Music? Physics? Lot’s of questions, I know, but I like to have a decent idea of what I’m getting myself into before I make a purchase.

3: Mirror’s Edge

I love the free-running and parkour segments of the Assassin’s Creed series. There’s just something so empowering about leaping over obstacles and leaving your pursuers in the dust. Since I’m not an acrobatic or athletic person, this is the closest I’ll ever get. Having an entire game dedicated specifically to parkour sounds amazing. Mirror’s Edge made it’s way onto my radar when I heard that EA would be publishing a sequel in the future. After watching a gameplay video, I realized that this is a game I’ve got to play sometime soon. Any recommendations from my fellow players out there?

4: Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

This game is coming a a suggestion from a friend of mine. He said that if I enjoyed the frantic action of Resogun, I would enjoy the combat in Revengeance because it evokes a similar feeling simultaneous despair and superiority (a strange combo, I know). I’ve not played any Metal Gear game aside from a turn-based-combat title for the PSP, and I never did finish that due to the fact that my PSP’s thumbstick worked sporadically. If I play Revengeance, will I feel as though I’m missing important parts of a story? Is it a standalone title even though it’s technically in a series? Again, any information is helpful.

So, that’s that. Of these four games that I’m excited to play, which should I tackle first? I know all four are vastly different from one another, and that excites me; never before have I wanted to play so many games from different genres at once. Make no mistake; I will play all the games in this post. It’s just a matter of which one should be chosen first. So, sound off with your suggestion(s) in the comment section below; I’d really appreciate it! Leave a like or a follow if you enjoy the blog, and check out the LP channels in the “Links” tab.

Thanks A Ton


8 thoughts on “So, What Should I Play Next?”

  1. Several posts ago you mentioned Dead Island and then Outlast. I can honestly recommend BOTH of those games and suggest that you choose one of those two to play.

    1. I’m going to play outlast before any of these 4, definitely. I just dont know how long I’ll last since I’m not a fan of horror games. As for dead island, I planned to play it, but it’s on the ps3, which is in the living room, where the rest of the family has been using the tv a lot lately. My 360 is in my room, and I’ll get one of these games for it. But dont worry, outlast will come first; most likely this week since I only have a level and a half to go in gears of war.

  2. I would definitely recommend Portal, best puzzle game I’ve ever played. But if you play it, start with the first one definitely. MGR does a good job recapping earlier events that pertain to the current storyline, it’s still the only metal gear I’ve touched.

  3. I’ve only played Portal 2, and I really liked it, but it’s a bit hard (I leave some puzzles for a few days then come back to it with a fresh mind) but you don’t get to that for a while. It’s a good hard though, because you know there’s a way to do it, you’re just not sure how.
    I was a fan of the original SSX, but the new one is a lot harder than the old one I played on PS2 (which I lost, but it was one of my favourite games of all time). I haven’t played much of the new one, but it’s good fun. The music is dubstep, which I didn’t mind, but it suits the game. You’d be better off getting a proper review for SSX, I don’t feel like I’ve played enough to accurately give a reccomendation on it (same with Portal, but I can remember that a bit better and have played mroe of it).

    1. Thanks for the info! I can see how dubstep would go well with ssx. I’m not a fan of dubstep much, but I’d be fine with it as background music lol. And also, I love puzzles like the ones you mentioned in Portal! Thanks for the info!

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