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Blacklight Retribution (PS4) Overview

I won’t lie; I found Blacklight Retribution to be a fun game at it’s best, but it’s much less than that at anything less than its best. The game is fast paced, graphically appealing, and action packe. Unfortunately, that’s about all the good I can say. Retribution features loose controls, and the game modes aren’t very inventive. It is a free-to-play game that takes its prices to extreme levels, and it’s expensive to unlock the items you want. As of now, the game is quite laggy (it’s still in Beta, which is why I’m not giving it a legitimate review). Overall, a fun concept is marred by quite a few issues, though all are fixable, and I hope they will be fixed when the finished product is officially released. Read on to see a more detailed overview of Blacklight Retribution.

BR is essentially a sci-fi Call of Duty, minus a campaign mode. It’s online-only, and you pick your loadout to head into multiplayer matches with a variety of different gamemodes. The maps are small (there are only 6), and health is low, so your lives are short and action packed, just like in COD. The gamemodes include Kill Confirmed, Domination, Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag, and Deathmatch (free-for-all) for a grand total of only 5 gamemodes. A handful of bullets will kill your enemies, and health doesn’t regenerate. None of these are necessarily bad things; rounds are fast paced and fun, and although Retribution does few things, it does them well. Everything is easy to pick up on, especially for one who frequents FPS titles over those in other genres.

As you play, you will gain points which can be used to purchase scorestreaks at designated locations in the map. You can choose which items will be available to you. For one kill, you can refill your ammo or health. Maybe you would rather ditch these prizes and use something better; 6 kills will get you a rocket launcher and 14 will net you a mech (which is amazing, I must say). Luckily, your meter doesn’t reset when you die; it continues to compound until you spend your points on your desired ordnance.

At the end of each match, you earn BR-coins, and the currency format is familiar to anyone who has played a Facebook game. The BR coins are the currency that comes in abuncance through accomplishing tasks in-game, whereas Z-coins must be purchased from the Playstation Store. Therefore, BR-coins are far less valuable than Z-coins. You can then use your BR-coins or Z-coins to purchase weapons and equipment. This is where the issue comes into play concerning the money.

Basically, since the game is still in Beta, the items are half price. You purchase them at full price, but any Z-coins you spend during Beta will be refunded to you afterwards, but you will keep the items you already bought. Essentially, you’re rewarded for sticking around, and you only see the benefit of buying Z-coins now if you keep playing until later when the game comes out of Beta. The problem with this is that the prices are still outrageous. Let’s take a look at some.

Let’s say I want to buy a submachine gun. I can use the BR-coins to unlock the weapon temporarily, whether it be a day, 3, or 7, I think. I cannot use the BR-coins to permanently purchase the weapon; only Z-coins can do that. $3.50 worth of Z-coins will buy me the weapon (but I’d be refunded that money and keep my weapon when the game comes out of Beta.Who knows when that could be). Almost 4 bucks to buy one gun? Are you kidding me? If I want to buy that, a shotgun, a pistol, and maybe a couple pieces of equipment, I’m running up a 15 dollar bill just to buy basic items for a single loadout! Not to mention that you must first unlock said items before you have the option to purchase them. You must pay an extra fee to unlock items early. I find the high prices charged to be far too unrealistic. Sadly, unless I pay these fees (which I will not) I’m stuck with the standard assault rifle. Oh yeah, and did I mention that even the weapon attachments cost money too? So, a single decent loadout will cost me 20 bucks. Wow.

Furthermore, the game is l I’ll play a couple matches with minimal lag, then I’ll randomly start lagging. I’ll shoot people who won’t die, then they magically fall over dead a couple seconds later. I get shot by people who aren’t there, and so on. Respawns take about 10 seconds, which stinks when the matches are only about 5 minutes long. Controls feel a bit loose, and although I have a decent grip on things, I can’t help feeling like I’m swinging too far to the left or right with only a slight movement. Then, when I drop my sensitivity, I move so slowly that I can hardly turn. I guess the controls just don’t feel like they snap enough, if that makes any sense. I don’t know quite how to describe it, but you know what I mean, I hope. It’s tough to aim when you can’t be precise.

There’s a practice mode where you can play against bots, but the AI are terrible at times. At one point, I found 5 bots huddled in a crevice. They weren’t aiming or shooting. They were just looking at each other. Then, when I got too close, they magically knew I was there and they attacked. Weird.

In the end, Blacklight Retribution has its issues. The fast paced formula is fun, and I enjoy a few matches here and there when I’m not looking for the more drawn out format of Battlefield. Unfortunately, weapons cost far too much money, (especially when I finish in the top three with my basic loadout nearly every match anyhow) lag is an issue, it takes too long to spawn, controls are loose, and there are only a half dozen maps and five gamemodes. Seeing that the game is still in Beta, I only hope that developer Zombie games takes note and fixes these problems, as most are easily solved. When the game is polished and ready for a legitimate debut, Blacklight Retribution may be an alternative for those who might enjoy a free-to-play Call of Duty with a sci-fi twist. Until then, the only redeeming qualities of this game are its good graphics and fast paced action.

Hopefully you found this overview helpful! Thanks for reading, and hit the like or follow button if you’ve enjoyed. Check out the LP channels in my “Links” tab, and I’ll see you next time.



6 thoughts on “Blacklight Retribution (PS4) Overview”

  1. “Basically, since the game is still in Beta, the items are half price. You purchase them at full price, but any Z-coins you spend during Beta will be refunded to you afterwards, but you will keep the items you already bought. Essentially, you’re rewarded for sticking around, and you only see the benefit of buying Z-coins now if you keep playing until later when the game comes out of Beta. The problem with this is that the prices are still outrageous.”

    Here is how the confrontation needs to go down.

    Gamer*: Hey, faggots, you can’t keep saying it’s a motherfucking ‘beta’ and then sell things for real goddamn money. It’s one thing to expect that there will be issues in any fucking game, especially with how you assholes have raped -yes, RAPED- the fucking industry but it’s another to charge a la goddamned carte for shit because ‘beta’ takes issues to a whole other level.

    Dev: But I’m doing my best here and-

    Gamer: No, you’re not doing your fucking best! What you’re doing is goddamned selling out because this is what you think you need to do to get your fucking foot in the door. Guess what slap-ass, you got your foot in the door and into a pile of shit. The fucking suits don’t care about you, you fucking code monkey! They don’t care about your professional development, your family, your free time and interests. If they did would you be working on this shit!?!?!?!

    Suit: That’s right, we really don’t care.

    Gamer: Shut your upper cunt, dirtbag, no one fucking asked you.

    Fanboy: Hey, that’s not fair. Devs are real people too and the game isn’t perfect but that’s life. Don’t act so entitled.

    Gamer: Look, cock-knocker, if I pay good money for something I expect it to work. Just because it’s entertainment doesn’t mean it should be as free of goddamn flaws as possible. And you know what? If I buy a pair of pants and it turns out they have a defect I take it back and get my fucking money back. I’m not going to accept less with my games just because assholes like you, the suits and the beaten-down devs want me to believe I should except less because ‘it’s their best’. You know what, man? Like Sean Connery said in ‘The Rock’: losers whine about their best, the winners go home and fuck the prom queen. This studio isn’t Nick fucking Cage and this goddamn game isn’t Carla, so shut you mouth.

    Dev: …well, what do you want us to do?

    Gamer: Nut the fuck up and make the industry better. Form your own studio if you have to but come to the table with some balls and a stable fucking concept that doesn’t go through nineteen major iterations in a fucking year. Christ, didn’t you go to fucking high school? Remember when you were taught to have a solid idea before you worked on something? Yeah, well FUCKING DO IT IN THE ‘REAL WORLD’!!!

    Look, here’s how this shit goes down. Devs, nut up and do your jobs. You want to make good games then make good games. Suits, get your fucking hands out of our goddamn games. This shit is between the people that enjoy and respect games, the people playing and the people making them, go fuck off in traffic somewhere. Fanboy, go fuck off in traffic with the Suit but wear a blindfold. Check that, try to make love to oncoming traffic and don’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

    I have no tolerance for this ‘beta’ shit anymore, I just can’t abide it and there’s no excuse for it. Once ANY company begins to sell something for something they KNOW is not finished there’s a goddamned ethical issue. I’m not a fan of SOE doing the pay-for-Alpha access thing and I greatly respect the work they’ve done with the EverQuest series. That’s…that’s ALPHA access, man, ALPHA. The more people accept that this sort of thing as ok, that it’s ok to have ‘open Beta access’ and all that goes along with it, the more people are going to be conditioned to expect even more issues and be more unable to distinguish finished from unfinished games. And the more it’s accepted to sell things for real money in a ‘beta-version’ of a game the more…you know what, fuck it, I’m too angry to keep typing.

    1. I definitely agree with you when you say that we shouldn’t be paying for things in Beta. Now, I still have differing views one the whole Alpha and Beta access point, and whether or not it should even be a thing, but that’s for another time… Long story short, it is stupid for them to charge me money for the items, especially at this point in the game, and ESPECIALLY the outrageous prices they’re charging!

      I mean, aren’t I kind of doing you a favor by downloading your beta? By willingly playing a somewhat messed up game, or even for trying it? Shouldn’t you be rewarding me instead of making me pay for stuff? Like, shouldn’t I get free weapons? Exclusives? No; I’m paying a couple of bucks just to unlock a low-level machine gun. Seriously? Like heck if you’re ever getting a dollar from me!

      I’ll be glad to give BR another shot if it ever comes out of beta, but I can’t support them while they’re basically ripping us all off. I’m not spending any money on it.

      1. Your stance on being willing, as a player/customer, to pay for access to something in a known Alpha/Beta state needs to change because of this issue.

        You are primarily a console player and, as such, this is really new to you. As primarily a PC player here, I am seeing this become the NORM. It’s understandable for small companies to have extended Beta access, all things considered, because they need the QA feedback and don’t have the money to spend on personnel. The issue is when the company, whatever the size, charges for access to further development. Part of the problem here is Kickstarter and the side-effects of it.

        People are playing open Betas as players, not playTESTERS and bring a ‘this game is all but done’ mindset to the game and uncritically so. ‘If the players don’t mind paying for access they shouldn’t mind the cash shop functioning’, is the notion we’re seeing here and that isn’t wrong from the confused standpoint where selling the access is acceptable. Selling access outright or having access free with a functioning cash shop is not ethical when a game isn’t finished, period.

        The longer this goes on and the more people accept it the longer it will take to rectify the situation. The specific costs aren’t the issue here, it’s that there are costs at all and what it means for these situations to be normalised that are the problems.

      2. “Your stance on being willing, as a player/customer, to pay for access to something in a known Alpha/Beta state needs to change because of this issue.”

        The thing is, I’m not paying for access, nor would I ever. It was a free download. Considering the game is in beta, I wouldn’t have paid for access; no way!

        I think that if I’m going to play your beta, I’m helping you. You’d be absurd to make me pay to play it. Not to mention, that’s why I’m not buying any of the items, and frankly, I’ve pretty much stopped playing.

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