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Battlefield 4: The Next-Gen Difference (Well, Now Current-Gen)

I’ve had Battlefield 4 for my PS4 since launch, and I’ve definitely had my ups and downs with the game. Although I cannot condone the fact that Battlefield 4 was buggy and unfinished at release, it is an amazing FPS at its current state. In fact, I love the action so much that I’ve dedicated 95 hours to the game so far, according to my Battlelog. However, my dad also bought Battlefield 4 for the PS3 since I designated my PS4 as off-limits, (hey, it took months of saving for this; like heck anyone’s touching it) and I’ve been curious to see what the difference is between the last generation edition of BF4 and the current gen version. As it turns out, there is a pretty huge difference between the two versions, and considering they are both the same price, it makes the old version almost not worth buying. After spending a little while (an hour was all it took) with the PS3 version of Battlefield 4, I am convinced that there is a true, almost tangible difference in the quality between the old and new systems, and it really brought to my attention how far we’ve come, and how far we have yet to go.

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4 Things Xbox One Must Do To Interest Me

As most of you know, I am the proud owner of a PS4. When decision time rolled around last summer and fall, it wasn’t as easy as it might seem. True, I am a bit of a Sony fanboy, but I believe it is with merit, as I’ve never had a bad Sony product and I always get great bang for my buck. In any case, when I decided not to get an Xbox One, it was tough. The TV snap feature is kind of cool, and I’m sad that I’ll be missing a new Halo experience. With that said, here are 4 things that Microsoft must do in order to convince me to buy an Xbox One.

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Where Is My Instruction Manual?

I love physical copies of games. If I have the option between buying a disc version or a downloadable one, I will always pick the disc based copy. It’s just a quirk of mine, I suppose. I like having the game; I like being able to hold it and touch it and call it mine. Is it weird? Maybe, but that’s the way I am. With the advent of the new systems, however, physical copies of games have changed. My PS4 games don’t come with manuals; Battlefield 4 only came with the China Rising download insert, and Lego Marvel Super Heroes only had a small, 10 page instruction manual that only went over the basics. In the picture above, the control scheme for Killzone: Shadow Fall is printed on the back of the cover art; there’s no physical manual at all. Is it just me, or do the loss of instruction manuals disturb you as much as it does me?

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Being Thankful on Thanksgiving


I think we can all agree that gaming has changed a lot from the early days. Even though the fundamental reasons for playing games (having fun, pursuing a goal, and sometimes winning) have stayed the same, the entire medium has been revolutionized in the past few decades. There are plenty of improvements that have been made in the industry, and for that I’m thankful. Yes, there are still many issues, and as time goes on, some die out as new ones come to life. However, seeing how today is Thanksgiving Day here in America, I’m going to focus on those things I’m thankful for, and not on those issues I hope to see resolved.

(These are in no particular order)

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After A Week With The PS4

I received my PS4 in the mail on Monday, November 18th, and I’ve played it for probably close to a dozen hours. The Playstation 4 has some great new features that the Playstation 3 didn’t have, and of course, there is a lot of innovation to be found in this gaming machine. When it comes down to it, the PS4 is a great piece of hardware, and I’m here to share with you all the info I’ve gathered in the past week that I’ve deemed important. Long story short, I love my PS4.

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PS4 First Impressions: The Controller

I’m not stretching the truth a single bit when I tell you that the new DualShock 4 for the PlayStation 4 is the most comfortable controller I’ve ever held in my life. I have never been so satisfied with a console controller, and thus, the DS4 is my new favorite gaming input device. Aside from one minor complaint, (and one thing I’m not even sure if I should complain about yet) this is the perfect controller for me. Why the praise? Read on to find out!
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Just To Let You Know

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but with only one exception, I’ve never gone longer than writing a post once every other day; there was one time that two days passed between my posts, but they’ve been consistent other than that. It’s not like I feel a duty to do so, it’s just that I like to hold myself to that standard; I like a schedule. With that being said, I have nothing to write about today, but don’t think I’m slacking; I have a lot of articles “in development.” Here’s a preview of what’s to come!

I’m about halfway through Pokemon Black 2, and I’ll have a review up when I beat it. I’m also about halfway through Rage; a post-apocJust To Let You Knowalyptic, wasteland themed shooter from id Software, and I’ll review it too. Third, I’m listening to a video game album, and there will be a review for it as well. Finally, I’ll be writing a review on a 3DS accessory that I have; it’s worth writing about because it’s a pretty handy accessory that I’m glad I bought.

PS4 time!! My PS4 is in the mail at the moment (AAH!) and it’ll be here tomorrow. With that, I’ll probably be posting a first thoughts/early impression article. Maybe I’ll do an unboxing video, but I’m not sure yet. After I get some good playing time in, I’ll more thoroughly evaluate the UI, the DualShock 4 controller, and other aspects of the system. I may also schedule a livestream in the coming week or two for either Battlefield 4 multiplayer or Lego Marvel Super Heroes single player, if I can get a mic to work with the livestream; not sure how that works. Let me know which game you would prefer. I’ll also write reviews when I beat both of those; but that will be farther into the distance.

Vitosal, if you’re reading this, I promise that the next SoH article is coming this week 🙂

A lot is going to be making its way to my blog in the coming two or three weeks, but this week will be mainly PS4 related, as I’m incredibly excited for this system. The PS4 is the first tech item I’ve ever received anywhere near launch, whether it be a TV, phone, system, computer, etc. The fact that I saved every penny for the system, 2 games, and PS+ card with my Dairy Queen earnings makes it even sweeter (get it? Cause I make ice cream).

Stay Tuned!

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Xbox One and PS4 Shipping Errors: Sweet Suprise or Systematically Staged?

Maybe you’ve seen this video from Moonlight Swami in which he unboxes an Xbox One sent to him early by Target. Or, conversely, maybe you’ve seen Francis unbox his PS4. It seems as though Francis’ unboxing was facilitated purposely by Sony, whereas Microsoft claims that Moonlight Swami’s early shipment was in error. Do you think, however, both of these unboxings were done purposely as a way to garner some more buzz before release?

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Inside The PS4 and Xbox One: Help Me Understand

So, recently a video was released showing the inside of the PS4, and in the article I happened to run across, it showed the inside of an Xbox One as well. I’m not a tech nerd as far as the inner workings of the technology goes, so I need some help here. Please explain to me how on Earth the PS4 is supposed to cool itself efficiently as opposed to the Xbox One. It pains me to even ask this question, since I’m somewhat a Sony fanboy, but I’m concerned. Take a look for yourself in the pictures below.

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Wii Mini Arrives In America for the Holidays

The Wii Mini will release in America this month for $100. I find this to be a strange move for many reasons, but I’m not sure if this is a good or bad move for Nintendo. I can’t quite discern yet, but here’s what I can tell you:

The Wii Mini will ship with a copy of Mario Kart, but for $100, there’s a huge caveat: there is no online play. Granted, Nintendo had the weakest online presence this generation, but this makes it impossible to play games like the aforementioned Mario Kart, Black Ops, and Smash Bros. with others over Wi-Fi. Let’s be honest here; you can buy a used Wii for $50 at Gamestop that has online capabilities, so why buy this one for $100, even if it is new and shiny? Furthermore, it doesn’t even play Gamecube games…

On the other hand, if this does sell well, original Wii game sales might rise, and this would help get rid of games on the shelves. Even though this would mean money for Nintendo, I still wonder if they would make more money on Wii U sales if their Wii option was gone entirely.

I’ll be honest, I have no idea how this one will play out over the Holiday season, but it’ll probably be a make or break situation for Nintendo’s home console presence.

That’s it for now; just keeping you updated on the latest news.