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Review of Outlast (PS4): Score of 9

**This review originally appeard on Gamers Sphere, another site I write for**

Outlast is outstanding, and this is coming from a player who had never finished a true horror game before attempting Outlast. In fact, the only two other “horror” games I have ever played were Resident Evil 5, on which I think we can all agree was not scary at all, and Slender: The Eight Pages, which I never finished. Outlast, despite the fact that it scared me more times that I would like to admit, still managed to keep me coming back for more even though most of me never wanted to see the inside of Mount Massive Asylum ever again. In a nutshell, Outlast is the most suspenseful, intense game I have ever played. Its realism astounded me because I felt like I was truly on the run from a real enemy who could kill me at any moment; I was always fully immersed in the action. Outlast is one of my favorite games of all time, despite its few, very minor flaws. I’m insanely glad that I overcame my fear of the unknown to finish this masterpiece, and I cannot wait for an Outlast 2, if it is ever announced.

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Let’s Play Slender: I’m Going To Die

Here is my first playthrough of Slender. I want to start by apologizing; I’m using a free trial of a recording software, and I’m not quite familiar with the program yet. Because I’m playing Slender, there are times in the video when it becomes pitch black; what you’re seeing is pretty much the same as what I’m seeing, and it was quite scary.

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