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The Twitch Plays Pokemon Phenomenon (Part One)

Unless you’ve been oblivious to Twitch, Facebook, blogs, websites, and the internet in general, you’ve probably at least heard of this thing called “Twitch Plays Pokemon.” Maybe you’ve simply heard of it and nothing more; maybe you know a little about it, but you’ve never watched. Maybe you watched and found it stupid. But if you’re like me, then you watched TPP and got hooked; maybe you find yourself checking in on their progress daily. I think most of us can agree that Twitch Plays Pokemon is weird, chaotic, and kind of stupid. But there’s more to it than that. In a way, it’s a cultural phenomenon. I don’t think any other Twitch Plays stream will ever reach the height that this one has, but I think that this is definitely an event that will go down in video game history as a social experiment that enthralled hundreds of thousands of viewers, spawned its own lore and fictional religion, and brought scores of players to work together to beat Giovanni and the Elite Four.

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Let’s Play Slender: I’m Going To Die

Here is my first playthrough of Slender. I want to start by apologizing; I’m using a free trial of a recording software, and I’m not quite familiar with the program yet. Because I’m playing Slender, there are times in the video when it becomes pitch black; what you’re seeing is pretty much the same as what I’m seeing, and it was quite scary.

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Let’s Play… Unless The Developers Tell Us Not To

YouTube is an amazing and important website in our world centered around pop-culture. YouTube has connected the world with global fads and phenomenons. “Gangnam Style” sent millions into a horse-dancing craze. “What Does The Fox Say” intrigues millions with its awkwardness and simplicity. Countless other pranks, television goofs, movie scenes, and vlogs can be viewed all around the world. In the age of interconnectedness, YouTube is vastly important.

An interesting thing to note, however is this: what type of channel has the most subscribers on YouTube? Is it PSY? Is it a political group? A famous comedian? Somebody giving make-up tips? Nope, guess again.

The channel with the most subscribers is home to an English speaking, Swedish-born, UK-based video gamer who refers to his fans as “bros” and has a tendency to scream.

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