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Review of Outlast (PS4): Score of 9

**This review originally appeard on Gamers Sphere, another site I write for**

Outlast is outstanding, and this is coming from a player who had never finished a true horror game before attempting Outlast. In fact, the only two other “horror” games I have ever played were Resident Evil 5, on which I think we can all agree was not scary at all, and Slender: The Eight Pages, which I never finished. Outlast, despite the fact that it scared me more times that I would like to admit, still managed to keep me coming back for more even though most of me never wanted to see the inside of Mount Massive Asylum ever again. In a nutshell, Outlast is the most suspenseful, intense game I have ever played. Its realism astounded me because I felt like I was truly on the run from a real enemy who could kill me at any moment; I was always fully immersed in the action. Outlast is one of my favorite games of all time, despite its few, very minor flaws. I’m insanely glad that I overcame my fear of the unknown to finish this masterpiece, and I cannot wait for an Outlast 2, if it is ever announced.

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Battlefield 4: The Next-Gen Difference (Well, Now Current-Gen)

I’ve had Battlefield 4 for my PS4 since launch, and I’ve definitely had my ups and downs with the game. Although I cannot condone the fact that Battlefield 4 was buggy and unfinished at release, it is an amazing FPS at its current state. In fact, I love the action so much that I’ve dedicated 95 hours to the game so far, according to my Battlelog. However, my dad also bought Battlefield 4 for the PS3 since I designated my PS4 as off-limits, (hey, it took months of saving for this; like heck anyone’s touching it) and I’ve been curious to see what the difference is between the last generation edition of BF4 and the current gen version. As it turns out, there is a pretty huge difference between the two versions, and considering they are both the same price, it makes the old version almost not worth buying. After spending a little while (an hour was all it took) with the PS3 version of Battlefield 4, I am convinced that there is a true, almost tangible difference in the quality between the old and new systems, and it really brought to my attention how far we’ve come, and how far we have yet to go.

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Blacklight Retribution (PS4) Overview

I won’t lie; I found Blacklight Retribution to be a fun game at it’s best, but it’s much less than that at anything less than its best. The game is fast paced, graphically appealing, and action packe. Unfortunately, that’s about all the good I can say. Retribution features loose controls, and the game modes aren’t very inventive. It is a free-to-play game that takes its prices to extreme levels, and it’s expensive to unlock the items you want. As of now, the game is quite laggy (it’s still in Beta, which is why I’m not giving it a legitimate review). Overall, a fun concept is marred by quite a few issues, though all are fixable, and I hope they will be fixed when the finished product is officially released. Read on to see a more detailed overview of Blacklight Retribution.

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Perfection In Resogun & My Full Thoughts On The Game

This Is A Screenshot Of The Moment I Reached Perfection In Resogun

I know; my last post was about perfectionism and Resogun; you might be tired of hearing about it. I usually don’t like to write two posts in a row about the same game or topic, simply because I doubt you want to hear about the same thing constantly, and I don’t like writing about the same thing constantly. I must inform you, however, that I have unlocked all the trophies in Resogun, thus making it the first game I have reached perfection in! I want to share with you my final thoughts on this game since I can now say I’ve explored everything it has to offer; this was something I was not able to do in my review when I posted it a few weeks ago.

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Review of Lego Marvel Super Heroes (PS4): Score of 8.5

Lego Marvel was a last minute purchase for me upon the PS4’s launch. I was initially only going to buy Battlefield 4, and the rest of my early PS4 library would consist of whatever free games I could get from the PSN. But something inside me told me to buy Lego Marvel Super Heroes (Lego Marvel for short). I’m very glad I bought it, as it’s a great addition to not only my PS4, but also to my video game collection as a whole. Considering that I play a lot of M rated games, this was a light, airy, fun alternative, and I have few complaints about this great title.

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Review of Resogun (PS4): Score of 9

If you’ve been closely following my blog, you may have noticed from the title that this is the highest score I’ve given to a game so far. Yes, I’m even rating Resogun over my beloved Halo games! I absolutely loved this game, and in my mind, it’s nearly a completely perfect one. Resogun is action packed, immersive, and insanely fun, and I’m very happy to say it’s one of my top 3 favorite games of 2013.

Before we begin, take a look at that video; it helps explain what Resogun is like. I recorded that using the PS4 Share feature.

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After A Week With The PS4

I received my PS4 in the mail on Monday, November 18th, and I’ve played it for probably close to a dozen hours. The Playstation 4 has some great new features that the Playstation 3 didn’t have, and of course, there is a lot of innovation to be found in this gaming machine. When it comes down to it, the PS4 is a great piece of hardware, and I’m here to share with you all the info I’ve gathered in the past week that I’ve deemed important. Long story short, I love my PS4.

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PS4 First Impressions: The Controller

I’m not stretching the truth a single bit when I tell you that the new DualShock 4 for the PlayStation 4 is the most comfortable controller I’ve ever held in my life. I have never been so satisfied with a console controller, and thus, the DS4 is my new favorite gaming input device. Aside from one minor complaint, (and one thing I’m not even sure if I should complain about yet) this is the perfect controller for me. Why the praise? Read on to find out!
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Just To Let You Know

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but with only one exception, I’ve never gone longer than writing a post once every other day; there was one time that two days passed between my posts, but they’ve been consistent other than that. It’s not like I feel a duty to do so, it’s just that I like to hold myself to that standard; I like a schedule. With that being said, I have nothing to write about today, but don’t think I’m slacking; I have a lot of articles “in development.” Here’s a preview of what’s to come!

I’m about halfway through Pokemon Black 2, and I’ll have a review up when I beat it. I’m also about halfway through Rage; a post-apocJust To Let You Knowalyptic, wasteland themed shooter from id Software, and I’ll review it too. Third, I’m listening to a video game album, and there will be a review for it as well. Finally, I’ll be writing a review on a 3DS accessory that I have; it’s worth writing about because it’s a pretty handy accessory that I’m glad I bought.

PS4 time!! My PS4 is in the mail at the moment (AAH!) and it’ll be here tomorrow. With that, I’ll probably be posting a first thoughts/early impression article. Maybe I’ll do an unboxing video, but I’m not sure yet. After I get some good playing time in, I’ll more thoroughly evaluate the UI, the DualShock 4 controller, and other aspects of the system. I may also schedule a livestream in the coming week or two for either Battlefield 4 multiplayer or Lego Marvel Super Heroes single player, if I can get a mic to work with the livestream; not sure how that works. Let me know which game you would prefer. I’ll also write reviews when I beat both of those; but that will be farther into the distance.

Vitosal, if you’re reading this, I promise that the next SoH article is coming this week 🙂

A lot is going to be making its way to my blog in the coming two or three weeks, but this week will be mainly PS4 related, as I’m incredibly excited for this system. The PS4 is the first tech item I’ve ever received anywhere near launch, whether it be a TV, phone, system, computer, etc. The fact that I saved every penny for the system, 2 games, and PS+ card with my Dairy Queen earnings makes it even sweeter (get it? Cause I make ice cream).

Stay Tuned!

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Inside The PS4 and Xbox One: Help Me Understand

So, recently a video was released showing the inside of the PS4, and in the article I happened to run across, it showed the inside of an Xbox One as well. I’m not a tech nerd as far as the inner workings of the technology goes, so I need some help here. Please explain to me how on Earth the PS4 is supposed to cool itself efficiently as opposed to the Xbox One. It pains me to even ask this question, since I’m somewhat a Sony fanboy, but I’m concerned. Take a look for yourself in the pictures below.

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