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Pokemon Red/Blue First Impressions

As you know from some of my recent posts, I was enthralled by the Twitch Plays Pokemon Red/Blue Stream. Now, they’ve moved on to Crystal, which holds a ton of sentimental value to me since Pokemon crystal was probably the earliest video game I can remember of my childhood. I had never held an interest in seeing where the series began, however, before I saw the TPP stream of the first generation. Since I have an emulator app of my phone, I decided to download Pokemon Blue and give it a chance. (Don’t hate on me for emulating; I may share my reasons in a later post, but that’s for another day.) So far, Pokemon Blue is a decent inaugural entry to the series, but it’s not without its fair share of issues which were remedied in the second generation.

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Review of Portal (360): Score of 8.5

Portal is a pretty mindbending game, to say the least. This review will echo a lot of the same sentiments that appeared in my Portal First Impressions, which you can find here. As it turned out, what I thought was the first chapter or level in the game turned out to be about the entire first half of Portal. Short length aside, Portal is a magnificent puzzler that provides challenging yet entirely beatable puzzles. Upon completion of the game, advanced versions of some of the later puzzles are unlocked, so you can spend a couple extra hours trying to wrap your mind around even tougher challenges. When all is said and done, Portal is definitely a puzzler worthy of praise, but a weak storyline is really what drags it down.

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Review of Outlast (PS4): Score of 9

**This review originally appeard on Gamers Sphere, another site I write for**

Outlast is outstanding, and this is coming from a player who had never finished a true horror game before attempting Outlast. In fact, the only two other “horror” games I have ever played were Resident Evil 5, on which I think we can all agree was not scary at all, and Slender: The Eight Pages, which I never finished. Outlast, despite the fact that it scared me more times that I would like to admit, still managed to keep me coming back for more even though most of me never wanted to see the inside of Mount Massive Asylum ever again. In a nutshell, Outlast is the most suspenseful, intense game I have ever played. Its realism astounded me because I felt like I was truly on the run from a real enemy who could kill me at any moment; I was always fully immersed in the action. Outlast is one of my favorite games of all time, despite its few, very minor flaws. I’m insanely glad that I overcame my fear of the unknown to finish this masterpiece, and I cannot wait for an Outlast 2, if it is ever announced.

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The Twitch Plays Pokemon Phenomenon (Part 2)

In my last post, I talked about Twitch Plays Pokemon, and if you haven’t read it yet, you should probably do so by clicking this link. Basically, I talked about the facts about what TPP is in a nutshell. I explained what the purpose of the stream is, I detailed the Democracy vs. Anarchy system, and so on. Part 2 of this article is a bit more… fun, shall we say. This will explore and explain more of the pop culture impact this stream is having on the gaming community, not to mention the intricate lore I can’t accurately describe. To be honest, I’m amazed with what’s happening, and I kind of adore the stream for being able to create so much lore and so much media based on this nonsense. We surely have an interesting community here, and this post will explain just how kooky the TPP’ers really are.

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Scoring Guide For MOAAG

As you may have noticed, there’s a new tab at the top of the page titled “Scoring Guide.” If you click it, you’ll see a list of possible scores from 1-10, and you’ll see in a little detail what each one means. This guide will correspond to all game reviews on this site.This way, you’ll always have a reference as you read each review, and you’ll have a better idea of what each numerical score means. Of course, if I award a game a decimal score (i.e, 7.5) you’ll have to read between the lines to realize that it shares aspects of both the number above and the number below it. This guide is not meant to be used explicitly; there will be details in the review that will explain why each game received its respective score, but at least this will serve as a summary and a reference. I will most likely be updating that tab in the future with more details, but for the time being, I hope this is an upgrade from having no visible scoring rubric at all. I’ve also included the guide in this post so you can see it. Thanks for reading; that’s all I have for today!

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Battlefield 4: The Next-Gen Difference (Well, Now Current-Gen)

I’ve had Battlefield 4 for my PS4 since launch, and I’ve definitely had my ups and downs with the game. Although I cannot condone the fact that Battlefield 4 was buggy and unfinished at release, it is an amazing FPS at its current state. In fact, I love the action so much that I’ve dedicated 95 hours to the game so far, according to my Battlelog. However, my dad also bought Battlefield 4 for the PS3 since I designated my PS4 as off-limits, (hey, it took months of saving for this; like heck anyone’s touching it) and I’ve been curious to see what the difference is between the last generation edition of BF4 and the current gen version. As it turns out, there is a pretty huge difference between the two versions, and considering they are both the same price, it makes the old version almost not worth buying. After spending a little while (an hour was all it took) with the PS3 version of Battlefield 4, I am convinced that there is a true, almost tangible difference in the quality between the old and new systems, and it really brought to my attention how far we’ve come, and how far we have yet to go.

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Gears of War Campaign Review (360): Score of 7.5

Gears of War was a good game; in fact, it was good at a lot of things. The controls were good, the graphics were good (for its time), the level design was good, and so were the guns. But therein lies the problem: the game was just good and it never really excelled toward being great in most aspects. For almost everything GoW did well, I saw many ways it could have done better. With that being said, the game was good enough to make playing the sequel worth my time at some point in the near future, as I hope to see if Gears of War 2 fixes the problems that were presented in the inaugural entry. In the end, I enjoyed Gears of War, and although I probably won’t be revisiting the campaign solo anytime soon, I walk away glad that I took the time to take in this experience.

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4 Things Xbox One Must Do To Interest Me

As most of you know, I am the proud owner of a PS4. When decision time rolled around last summer and fall, it wasn’t as easy as it might seem. True, I am a bit of a Sony fanboy, but I believe it is with merit, as I’ve never had a bad Sony product and I always get great bang for my buck. In any case, when I decided not to get an Xbox One, it was tough. The TV snap feature is kind of cool, and I’m sad that I’ll be missing a new Halo experience. With that said, here are 4 things that Microsoft must do in order to convince me to buy an Xbox One.

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Do I Love Gaming Too Much?

I take pride in the fact that I usually keep up with all the developments in the gaming world. I almost always know about a new event the day it happens. Oftentimes, friends will come up to me and ask “did you hear about this?” I’ll just respond by saying that I knew about two days ago. So, when somebody tells me something gaming related that I don’t know about, I tend to get a little skeptical. Instinctively, I jump to the conclusion that they’re joking around with me or lying. So far, this instinct has served me right about 90% of the time, so I continue to use it. Somebody told me something this week, however, that got me thinking.

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3D Isn’t Really A Gimmick… On The 3DS Anyhow

Lots of gaming companies have tried a lot of different ideas to revolutionize gaming. Dance pads, plastic guitars, and even plush baby peripherals (no joke; Babysitting Mama) have made appearances, to different degrees of success. Motion controllers, voice control, and controller-free gaming are trying to make waves at the moment, and, likewise, some ideas are having more success than others. 3D gaming is another one of these ideas. For home consoles, 3D gaming never really took off, mainly because of the price barrier, I think. On the other hand, 3D gaming on the go has done pretty well, if 3DS sales are any indication. What could have been a terrible marketing gimmick has actually become a feature I’m enjoying, even when I thought I would never use the 3D feature of my 3DS upon purchase.

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