During high school, this website used to serve as my personal blog, where I wrote opinion pieces and reviews about video games. Those old high school posts are no longer on this website, and I have archived them at


14 thoughts on “Archive”

  1. When removing blogs that I’m no longer interested in following I accidentally deleted your blog. I didn’t realise it until this evening and rectified the problem. That’s the second time I’ve done this while doing some pruning…I’ve got to pay more attention.

    In related news I’ve decided to consolidate where I write, ultimately settling on here ( This is going to function as a public journal, so it will have entries topically ranging from politics to poetry to video games to personal entries like my dog. You may find it interesting.

      1. Matt, I have some writing that I’d like you to read and have your critical feedback on. Please drop me your e-mail address in a comment on my blog. All comments are moderated so it won’t appear for the world to see, I’d simply copy the e-mail, add it to my address book and delete the comment.

        Let me know if you’re willing.

    1. Haha; thanks for the second nomination! I’m grateful for it, but I think I’m done writing these awards for a while. As it is, this makes 3 in about a week; two from you alone 😛

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